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As I opened my browser, a trending article title from Harper’s Bazaar (1) caught my eyes, “6 Signs You’re Low In Iron.” It caught my attention because I use a remedy for this that is not widely discussed, shared or maybe even known. The first conclusion I hope you draw is that I am personally acquainted with this problem.

As I suspected, it did not mention my favorite low-iron fix, however along with listing some ways to fix the low iron problem, the Harper’s article gave the following six signs of low iron that I thought was worth including here.
1. You’re suffering from fatigue and just feeling tired all the time.
2. You seem to get out of breath easily (and yet you consider yourself fit).
3. You’re looking pale and washed out. NOTE: If you have a bit more melanin, like me, this is not a helpful sign. But keep reading to see how my mom made visual checks for iron/blood.
4. You keep getting ill.
5. You’re having heart palpitations.
6. You get unusual cravings for non-food substances (ie, dirt, ice, paint, or clay).

Low iron is linked to waaaaaaay more symptoms than these, but this is enough to start.

For me, the low iron issue would occur around my periodically heavy menstrual cycles. My cycle not always heavy, but when they were bad, they were bad. I would bleed so heavily, that within 36 hours, the insides of my eyes, my tongue and under my nails would have almost no color. To this day, and I’m 40, my mother who was a nurse, would periodically ask to see the inside of my eyelids.

I would also have no energy because iron is the oxygen-binding element in our blood. Less blood equals less oxygen-binding iron.

While I believe supplements are necessary in many cases, my favorite way to fix something nutritionally is with food. Meat, particularly red meat is widely recommended for a low iron issue, but there is one challenge to this. Many people in the US have less than perfect digestion. Note that you do not have to have a diagnosis to have a sluggish digestive system. There are several factors in today’s food options and lifestyle that lead to this (but that’s for another blog post). With a less than robust digestive system, you are not getting the full spectrum of nutrition meat is touted to offer. It offers it, yes, but we may not be able to break down and access all of it.

For this reason, my low iron fix is a winner. It requires much less digestion because it’s liquid and therefore is more easily absorbed. It also has mineral co-ingredients/electrolytes, that help with fluid exchange in the body. And versus a supplement, which could be an artificial form of the nutrient and cause constipation, it’s a food and so is more easily recognized and used by the body.

Drum roll, please! My favorite low iron fix is an organic, unsulfured, black strap molasses. . It’s also great for those who work out or sweat a lot because of it’s spectrum of electrolytes. Some may be concerned because of the sugar, but to that I say, not all sugar is created equal and the high quantity of naturally occurring minerals is a benefit not to be ignored.

Not all molasses are equal. While I’d be open to using any 100% molasses product in a pinch (read the ingredients to make sure it’s not mixed with corn syrup or some other filler), what I keep on hand is an organic, unsulfured, blackstrap molasses.

Blackstrap molasses is the result of the third round of heat extraction done to the sugar cane. This is why it is so thick, has such a dark color (the sugars get extra caramelization), and why it has the highest concentration of minerals.

Why unsulfured? Sulfur dioxide can be used to extract more of the sugar from less-than-ripe sugar cane. It is also used to extend the shelf life of the finished molasses. The World Health Organization has repeatedly given guidelines and warnings about sulfur dioxide. (2) So go with unsulfured.

And if it’s organic, that’s also a plus.

I don’t have a recommended serving as I usually just take a swig from my bottle and chase it with a couple mouthfuls of water. My mom will mix 1 TBS in a cup of hot water, and drink it like a tea. We’ve even added it to chocolate milk for my young nephews (I’m mindful to use less of any sweetened chocolate mix here), after the doctor had concerns about the iron levels of one of them. And yes, his iron levels were fine on his next visit.

Nutritional data for blackstrap molasses.
Calcium 190mg
Magnesium 70mg
Iron 1mg
Potassium 440mg
Phosphorus 9mg

See the source below. (4)

It’s important to note that as with everything else in our body, iron does not exist or work by itself. And typically, elements that naturally occur together in a food, is exactly what those elements need to work in our body. For example, calcium and magnesium, both found in blackstrap molasses. (5)

The second conclusion I hope you draw is that you can fix your low iron issue also and I hope you’ll give an unsulphured blackstrap molasses a try.

Lastly, if you have a sustained problem with low iron, please see your doctor. Be sure to request an extensive panel to test for things such as ferritin, total iron binding capacity and other iron markers.

Do you have a less-than-popular fix for a nutritional deficiency or another ailment? I’d love to know.

4- Based on a combination of an actual product label and data from

Give Love. Get Love. Donate.

Mantra bands are here!

I’d been thinking about doing #EnjoyingBeing bands for over a year. I’d also been trying to figure out a way to pay for individual trauma resolution sessions for survivors of domestic abuse.

I’d been doing group sessions with a group of domestic abuse survivors for some time now. But it’s hard to foster real change on a personal level, in a group setting. Especially for a group of women who are coming from a life where it was beneficial to protect oneself at all costs. It’s challenging to get them to truly open up in a group.

Yet, these women are just the ones who need real change, who need to heal from their past traumas so that they can move forward as contributing members of society and not end up back in another abusive relationship.

Your donation will help make this possible.

The part I’m most excited about is the mantra on each band. “I am loved. All is well.” I wanted the bands to have a gift from me to the wearer. I chose that mantra because it was so universal, it could fit every stressful situation, serving as a grounding (or uplifting) reminder. It could also be used as a meditation mantra for 15 seconds or five minutes and leave a person feeling centered.

One coping strategy for those who experience panic attacks is to ground oneself by touching something around you. This mantra band would be perfect for that.

Order a band for yourself and everyone in your circle. Any donation is accepted. Bands are gifted started at $2.

There’s even a way to give a $5 donation for free. Hop over to I’ll also be keeping track of how many survivors are helped on that page.

With love and thanks.


Shift Your Health: 4-weeks to feel better in your body.

Our current healthcare model is not stopping the growth of chronic diseases.

Time to try a new paradigm. Four weeks. A better you.

Shift Your Health.

Enrollment: 9/14/18 – 9/24/18

Sessions start Monday 10/1/18, 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM; weekly.

Investment: $40. A weekly payment plan available.

The return on your investment includes:
> 4 weeks to explore the health of your mind, emotions, and body.
> 4 weeks to learn how to feel better in your body.
> Changes you can implement for years to come.
> Attend classes in your PJs (online video classroom).
> Online forum to connect with other class participants.
> 1- Wholistic Lifestyle Coaching session with personalized Lifestyle Prescriptions®. (Recommend scheduling prior to the start of the 4-week session).
> 10 ThermoBuzzer™ scan images (only available locally). Can be redeemed up to one year if you are not local.
> Ongoing support via email or text prior to and for two weeks after the program (responses within 24 hours).
> 15 min personal call time, per week, during program, if needed.
> 10% discount on all future classes/workshops.
> Family and friends rate for personal coaching for up to 1 year after class. (save up to $720)


Problems cannot be solved with the same type of thinking that created them.

Shift Your Health.

Registration opens on Friday 9/14/18. There is a 20 person limit and I’m guessing you don’t want to miss out. Pre-register at


Things I like: EFT Tapping

One of my nephews has, for a long as I can remember, had a very negative reaction when he came upon a challenge while reading. It’s definitely visceral and something I pray I can help him overcome with some energy work. But, while coaching him to finish some reading last Sunday, after he had lashed out in anger, even throwing his book, I asked him to tap on his karate chop point (I’ll explain that later).

After about one minute, literally sixty seconds, he got his book and began reading – still a bit upset at first but his attitude improved and he completed the entire reading, even trying the hard words, without issue.

Lesson 1 – Why people lash out.

People lash out because of fear. They fear not being heard, not having their expectation met, not feeling loved. Maybe its happened before and so they liken this experience to a previous one and are often triggered without even realizing it. It’s part of being human and yes, we can get better at it. That will have to be another post. In the meantime, we can incorporate tools to help reduce extreme emotional reactions

Lesson 2 – EFT: A tool.

But there is a simple tool to help us when we realize we are triggered: It’s called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT or Tapping. EFT stimulates a particular set of acupressure points, that in turn help calm the sympathetic (fear, flight, flee, freeze) response to a memory or situation. I explain more in my ‘about video’. You’ll find some history of EFT here.

I love this tool because it is simple, needs no special equipment and can be used by kids and adults to address any challenging emotion we are facing. I’ve personally used EFT to help with depressed moods or being angry and I’ve used it with my clients.

I find this to be such a valuable tool that I’ve added a reference on my website’s resource page. You will find images of the tapping points, an explanation video and a demo video referencing anxiety. I recommend familiarizing yourself with the tapping points so you’ll know them when you need them, but whenever you find yourself needing a quick reference, it will be here for you.

Know someone with anxiety? This tool would be great to share with them.

Do you have a tool to help you through life’s emotional bumps? I love tools so please share in the comments below.

Saving and Earning Your Way To Personal Development

Saving has never been my strong point. Yet, I don’t think we give enough credit to saving as a mutual-faceted tool for personal development. It provides happiness on multiple levels. The pursuit of a goal is one way. Laying out a savings plan can be simple, the action steps even simpler, and the reward is very tangible. One missed paycheck could spell disaster for an individual or family. Knowing that you have a financial cushion is a wonderful stress reducer and lower stress alone can have many beneficial repercussions in our life.

A 2017 article on CNN Money shared that six out of 10 Americans could not cover a $500 bill if they needed to. I will admit that was also me, at too many points in my adult life. And while I’m a long way from my money freedom goal, it feels good to be on my way. Money equals access and on this self-improvement journey, a journey of growing into my best self by overcoming challenges, it is something I am challenged to be better at.

But why is saving so hard for most Americans?

I believe that it was something that modern Americans never had to learn. According to this article from Wisebread, in the 1950s, after WWII, was when a large percentage of America started having discretionary income: extra dollars to do whatever we wanted with. Prior to this, saving was mandatory if you wanted to purchase anything of a significant price. But now, we can have houses, cars and any other grown-up toys that catch our attention, most often without a wait. Yet, saving is the smart thing to do, for now, and later.

So what am I doing?

I am a huge fan of tools, so while my income is not $500K, yet, here are tools I use to help me earn extra income and keep more of those earned dollars. Each of these tools are easy (most are quickly done too) because I believe if I have to spend a lot of time on it, then it doesn’t feel worth my time. Flexibility is another benefit I look for. Maybe you’ll find something on my list to add to yours.

Ibotta (Get a $10 bonus)

Ibotta is a rebate app, no stamps or envelopes required. Everything from activating the rebates to submitting your receipts is done right in the app. Some stores are linked to your loyalty card so you don’t even need to submit your receipt after your purchase.

I’ve been using Ibotta since April 2017, I’ve gotten back $120+; and this is from money I would have spent anyway because I do have to eat. What I love about Ibotta is how quick and easy it is to use. The search feature is very helpful, finding specific products and/or stores where the rebates are available. There is even a $10 enrollment bonus. NOTE: There is no minimum purchase (my friend bought a can of tuna that had a rebate), but you must submit your first receipt within seven (7) days of enrolling. Click to get the bonus.

Ebates (Get a $10 bonus)

Cash back for shopping at Groupon, Amazon, and Vitacost? Yes, please! I remember checking out Ebates maybe 10 years ago and was not in the least interested because the pickings were slim – not many stores and even less than I would regularly shop from. But they have grown and so have the options they offer. Seriously? Cash back from Groupon??!? #swoon

This was my very first rebate deposit from a single food purchase from through ebates. It does include my signup bones, but can you say sweet?!?

Thrift shopping

I love a bargain…why pay more if I don’t have to. When I purchased my first home, I probably spent $2000 total on furnishing the entire house, including a kitchen full of dishes. The highest cost item I bought was my mattress for $600 from Costco. Most everything else was thrifted, including a Lane Cedar chest that I paid $50 for. Salvation Army stores can be a good resource. I was fortunate to work across the street from a very large one. I also searched Craigslist and went to estate sales. This admittedly does take some time, but the finds can be pretty cool and the savings can be tremendous.

On the lookout for tricky labeling. (supermarket deals)

How long did it take you spot the deal in the above picture? Advertisers earn big bucks to separate you from your money, but it doesn’t take much to be a savvy shopper. Keep your eyes opened and read pricing labels. For example, in the pictures below, the more eye-catching yellow label reads “Low Price”, yet the closeout item tag is a darker color, but costs way less. I have found bronze die organic pasta for $.72 a pack on closeout. Keep your eyes opened and read pricing labels (yes, I said that before).

After you’ve saved all you can, how about earning some extra bucks?

Lyft is a ridesharing service with a better moral compass than Uber (in my experience.) Being a driver for a service like Lyft can be a win-win. First, you are providing a service to your community. Second, especially if you live where I do, any additional transportation option is helpful as the public transit system is almost non-existent and traditional taxis charge gouging prices. Lyft offers new drivers a bonus. For example, right now, new drivers in New Jersey can get an extra $800 in thier first 60 days. (Click here for a bonus code) and it’s super easy to sign up and start driving. As I’ve been a driver (in SC, NC and NJ) and in the spirit of what Lyft is as a community, you can message me if you have questions about driving for Lyft.

There have been several things that influenced my want to get better; two books worth mentioning are Money: A Love Story by Kate Northrup and Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins; the latter is a very good audible listen. I’m on my second go-round. Additionally, these articles have additional ideas/suggestions on how you can find your savings dollars.

Huff Post article – 27 Sneaky Ways To Save $100s A Month

The Budgetnista Blog

Now that you have the scoop, which friend are you going to share these saving strategies with?

Things I like: Royaltie Gems

#ProximityMarketing |

My curiosity often gets the best of me, and every so often, it leads me to something pretty cool. Recently, it’s the Royaltie Gem; and it’s making the next advertising frontier, mobile devices, accessible to everyone.

Without spending hundreds of dollars on app development, you can automatically promote your business on every nearby Android phone. Hooray!

Say what!?! Yes. #exciting. If you are a business owner, can you imagine the reach? The applications to your business? The increased customer engagement? The increased revenue?

This is how it works. A tiny wireless device called a Royaltie Gem is sent to you. You decide the promotional message you want to broadcast. The Royaltie Gem sends your message to every nearby Android smartphone. Simple.

Royaltie Gem Proximity Marketing Device Why Android phones? In December 2016, there was a change in the android operating system that allowed for nearby notifications. This is not yet available on iPhones. However, Android represents 60% of the North American smartphone market and 85% of users outside of North America.

The Royaltie Gem is battery powered and lasts two years. It does not require cellular data or a Wifi connection. To receive Royaltie messages, the phone just needs Bluetooth turned on. Are you one of the many people who already keep their bluetooth on to connect to their headsets, vehicle or other devices?

There are no set up fees. No hidden fees. A $50 deposit and $29/month for three devices. There is an additional shipping charge outside the US. That’s it. It arrives up and running. Actually, one of the best testimonies I’ve heard is of a gentleman getting page views while his Gem was in transit to him.

The Royaltie Gem provides:

– an automatic way to promote your business on every nearby Android phone;

– unlimited messaging included in the low monthly fee;

– a simple way to connect with people you would not have otherwise.

I have not even received mine yet, but I’m excited. I’m also excited about the two-tier affiliate earning opportunity they provide. To find out more about the affiliate program, schedule a call with me.

Or click to check out the Royaltie Gem now.


Disclosure: I am a registered affiliate of Royaltie Gem. I only share products that I have used or have no reservation about using and the opinions expressed are fully my own.

Things I Like: My Lunch Crock Is No Crock

I’ve been on the hunt for a bowl-type thermos…to no avail. Then, I ran into the Crock Pot Lunch Crock at my neighbor Ollie’s. After my first use I was sold. After my second use, I’ve found a new love.

The Lunch Crock is for warming food, not cooking. But where there is heat, this foodie will find a way.

I had a small butternut squash and decided to give it a go in the lunch crock. I peeled and cleaned the squash and added it to the crock with a little coconut oil, seasoning and salt. After attaching the lid, I plugged it up for just under four hours, checking it twice over that time. The squash was 85% to the way I like it. I left it unplugged over night and with another 1.5 hours of heat before lunch, it was perfect.

I was even able to warm my roti (bread) with the radiant heat from the container.

Now, I’m scouring the internet for recipes. Not much luck thus far but I think I can pre-prep a rice and veggie bowl to be finished in my new tool. Ooo, oatmeal. I think I will put that in tonight.

This post was not paid for endorsed by Crock Pot or Ollie’s.