Let’s Chat: Gut and Skin

Just google “gut and skin” and you’ll find over three million search results, suggesting that there is something to more than surface problems. There has also been a massive increase in evidence that our gut health affects all other aspects of our wellness. But, we’re here to talk about skin.

My skin in 2009. BTW, I used to photo my pictures, but you can still see the scarring and bumps on my face. My after face can be seen in this Let’s Chat video.

Here’s my skin story. As a kid, my skin was great. My skin maladies started in my early teens with the typical pimples and friends. By my late teens, it had progressed to massive scarring and me trying way to many lotions, potions, foundations and powders. For me however, I disliked the maintenance that makeup required so I decided that I needed to fix the foundation, my skin. That led me to a dermatologist in my early twenties and birth control to help with my breakouts. This began my lesson that ignorance is never bliss. The birth control exacerbated my underlying health issues and I quickly (in 6 months) slipped into nutritional deficiencies and depression.

It was a long journey over the next several years (through my twenties), trying to keep myself well with whatever nutritional knowledge I had, avoiding as much medication as I could. It took a lot of research and I did okay for a few years, until I had my second episode of atrial fibrillation. The first one was pretty bad. I had such anxiety that I would often have to pull over on the side of the road at least once during a twenty-minute drive.

I am ever grateful to my mother for being a constant learner and because of her own health issue, always exploring information in that area. It was my mom who connected me with the wonderful woman who is now my doctor and I’ve been working with her for almost nine years now.

As I slowly healed my insides, my skin healed too.

Like with weight loss, you cannot just ‘loose your stomach’. No part of your body exists in a vacuum, it’s all connected, including your emotions. My skin took time to heal, but so did my insides and my emotions.

I still have some scarring on my face and still get ‘skin issues’ popping up periodically. That’s usually a sign to me to pay more attention to what I eat and my lifestyle.

Digestion has also a standing issue for me, echoing a lot of what I read about the gut-skin connection. A baby who is breastfed develops a healthier digestive system (1), and has a better chance of avoiding teeth issues (2) and eczema (3). I also have several personal family examples that illustrate the connection between the gut and these issues. PS: I’ve had teeth issues too. (See the gut-healing protocol I used to help my teeth here.)

But does that mean we treat inside and ignore the outside? Not at all. So here is what I typically do.

– Be kinder to me. Unless you have an esthetician that uses a magnifying glass to look at your skin, chances are no one else sees as many blemishes as you. So go a little easier on your self and your skin.
– Wash with a mild soap or periodically skip the soap altogether.
– Exfoliate every couple days with a cloth. I have one I acquired at a Korean spa, but a washcloth works well too.
– Use food based oils on your skin – cocoa butter, olive oil, shea butter, castor oil, grapeseed oil, and more. Food-based so my chance for unnecessary chemicals and ingredients is less. The oils listed have been used on the skin for generations and by many different cultures. I do like trying new commercial products, but I don’t often and there is none I can currently give a good recommendation on. Apply the oil sparing, you only need a little. Also, if you have scarring, cocoa butter is great for lightening dark areas of the skin and grapeseed oil works against those wrinkles.
– Support your digestive system. I gave some supplement recommendations in this post – https://yesroanne.wordpress.com/2017/06/11/lets-chat-belly-teeth-diabetes-enzymes/. I currently use the Rainbow Light enzymes. You also support your digestive system by giving it lots of fertilizer in the form of vegetables, using healthy fats, a good salt and getting enough water. All things that also directly impact the health of your skin.
– Rest/Sleep. It’s not just great to keep your skin looking younger, it is vital to the health and repair of your body’s systems, including your gut and your skin. (Still working on this one.)
– Give it time. As I shared, it was not a quick fix. Your skin will get better in proportion to the healing of your insides. Be patient and keep making healing choices.

See my after ‘photo’ in this Let’s Chat video.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you used any of these suggestions before? Also, if you’ve been on your own wellness journey and has seen an improvement in your skin and have your own recommendations to share, please do so in the comments.

1 – http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2014/02/03/how-breast-milk-engineers-a-babys-gut-and-gut-microbes/
2 – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2897872/
3 – https://nationaleczema.org/leaky-gut/

Summer ’17 Key Learnings

Reflection is a necessary part of personal growth and the winding down of summer is a great time for it…really, anytime is a great for reflection. I spent eight of the last 10 weeks there and two weeks in Trinidad. It feels good to be back in South Carolina, even though I miss my family in New Jersey.

There were amazingly fun times with my family and friends, traveling, eating and sharing laughs. You can checkout some of my pictures on Instagram. I did some driving for Lyft* which led me to meet some really cool people and see parts of New Jersey that I hadn’t before. I even got to experience a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse with my nephews and sister (which made it extra special). There were also terrific moments of heaviness, discomfort and lots of key learnings.

The term ‘key learnings’ I borrowed from Brene Brown. She uses this format in her books to summarize the lessons learned from her social research. If you seek personal growth, looking for the key learnings in our personal experiences can hold the key for us. So here goes mine from #summer2017. Please note that I am sharing the lessons I learned but while learning, they were not all happy experiences.

I am worthy of love and belonging.

There have been many times and places in my life were I felt like I didn’t belong there, even as a kid. Yet, today, if I end up somewhere, I grown to believe that is exactly where I need to be. We are so programmed to apply the labels ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to everything in life. However, everything is an experience that we can build upon and we can choose what we take away from each experience, so the notion of good and bad experiences are not deterministic. So whatever my situation or experience, there is where I need to be at that moment. So where ever I am, I am worthy of being there – good or bad (pun intended).

Being uncomfortable accepting gifts equals “I am not enough.”

People give gifts in joy (I’m always assuming the best) and why would I not want to accept someone’s positive energy toward me. Really, there’s enough malice on earth to spare. If someone wants to bless me with a gift or even a compliment (a gift of words), I will accept it, with gratitude, because of my first key learning: I am worthy of love and belonging.

Find joy in everything I have to do…

…because we don’t always want to do everything we have to, and it can be challenging (hard) to do those things with joy. Ironically, when we approach these tasks/actions with joy (even whatever little can be mustered), it creates the best outcome for us and usually one we enjoy. Plus, it helps keep our stress levels low during the task which is better for our health and our #EnjoyingBeing.

I don’t need to know everything..

…we can never know the future anyway.
I am a planner. I like to layout the route, the schedule, the menu, the…you name it. I want to know when, where and how. And when the projected schedule gets flipped on it’s head, so do my emotions. This summer was perfect for me to practice my #oneword2017, ‘release’, because with four kids, anything and everything becomes subjective, including schedules. Besides, if I say I trust God, why do I have to control everything anyway?

It’s okay for me to say no.

This is huge for me. It’s come up in sessions with my integrated doctor over the years and I came up again this summer. Our beliefs drive our emotions and our emotions cause health or maladies in our body. At this point in my life, I call myself a recovering people pleaser. It is important to me that others feel appreciated and loved, but I have to get better at reaching that goal without sacrificing myself. There is no gain in loosing me so others feel good; plus, if I’m not well, I don’t get to help others which in turn makes me feel better. Tony Robbins says, “Living is giving” but we must give to ourselves the care we need first so that we are better able to give to others. Sometimes, that means saying, “No.”

Now it’s your turn. If you haven’t, take at least a few minutes to reflect on your summer. I’m sure you’ll find at least one key learning and I’d love for you to share it in the comments so we can all be better together.

*Lyft was the better of my driving experiences. Their communication and driver care is superior to their competitor who will remain unnamed. Lyft has also expanded their coverage to 32 states including all of South Carolina. You can sign up for free, but must use sponsored link to be eligible for a bonus of $100-$850. Interested in driving for Lyft? Get $200 by applying here – https://www.lyft.com/drivers/ROANNE019185)

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Let’s Chat: Bug Bites

Sprinklers, the beach, snow cones, fresh fruits and veggies, travel and bug bites…all signs of summer fun. My guess is that you wouldn’t mind taking a pass on the itching and scratching from those pesky bites, which can get annoying and even create scars on our skin.

But, I have a simple post-bug bite trick that I use. My nephews even loved it so much, that as soon as they got a bite, they came to me to put some on it for them.

My secret is Lavender essential oil. Check out my testimony in this Let’s Chat video and check the comments on Facebook for links to get your hands on your high quality Lavender essential oil.

Minding My Expectations

Sunday night, I left with my family for a two week trip to the country of my birth, Trinidad and Tobago.

Pretty cool, right? I thought so. At first.

Four boys, 10 and under, plus two of my siblings, together, for two, whole, weeks.

Maybe I sound a little ‘not’ excited. Well, not maybe, my excitement was there and then it was not. I saw all the challenges, and broken things, and missed activities and squabbles and emotions…need I elaborate?

But this is something I was looking forward to for months, so why the agita now?

Inspecting what I’m expecting.

When we are disappointed, it is most often because an expectation we had was not met. The disappointment is out reaction to a percevied loss. But what if we change what we were expecting? Would that help us perceive the situation different?

I am usually expecting organization and things going smoothly, and easy travel. I am a planner after all. I do scheduled. I do preparation. I do checklists. But with four boys, 10 and under, that expectation is not even making out the front door.

So I released, and revamped my expectations to everyone making it back home alive and with all their body parts. No really, I’m not holding any expectations for timing, forgotten items and all the other craziness that can accompany traveling. I will prepare as best I can and whatever happens, happens. My intention is to roll with it and do my best to keep Roanne easy and joy-full.

Emotions are magnetic.

Our departure day came and unfolded amazingly well. While things threatened, like my brother thinking we were leaving the following day and things happening a little off schedule, we were out of the house, everyone and everything in tow.

Our transit was not without hiccups. As I am typing this, everyone including me is sleep deprived and seems to have an attitude. Me, I am not without my feelings, but I am staying mindful, breathing and minding my words and emotions.

Every life experience is a mix of all the good and all the bad. No one has the misfortune of having only good. There is no growth there. For that knowledge I am grateful.

So as we start this epic family trip, I expect lots of laughter, sweat, broken things and missed schedules. I expect an experience my nephews will never forget and will want to repeat in the near future. I expect challenges and joy. I expect to use EFT and yoga. I expect #EnjoyingBeing. I expect to re-read this during this trip to help me keep my perspective.

Everything’s A Choice

I was so anxious I could feel it in my stomach. This was the first time I was driving by myself from South Carolina to New Jersey an estimated 12 hours on the road. I had two travel options — leave Wednesday, overnight in Virginia and continue on the next day, or, leave Thursday after my monthly networking meeting and drive straight through. I had to be in New York on Friday morning for my nephew’s graduation (for several reasons whose details don’t matter for this post). I needed to be there.

The blessing in being.

Just the sound of the word ‘being’ makes me aware of my presence and action in the present moment. Yet, my #EnjoyingBeing was being challenged by my decided schedule.

I love our monthly networking meetings with the Pee Dee Business and Professional Women Network. Knowing that I was already going to miss our July meeting I really did not want to miss June’s. The days prior to this meeting were spent in focused preparation. I had work plus packing and prep because I decided on the latter travel option — leaving directly after our monthly meeting and driving straight to New Jersey. Plus, I was planning to be away for two months so I had to ready my place for my being away also.

The preparation was moving along. Slowly but surely, my habit of anxiety started creeping in. How was I going to drive 12 hours? Do I even have enough gas money to get there? What if I got sick on the road, again? That sick sinking feeling was growing in my stomach.

When I first made the decision to stay for my meeting and drive after, it felt like the right thing to do and I felt confident about it. However, this anxious feeling became noticeable during a conversation with a loved one, who I’m sure meant well in sharing their opinion.

Well, as a coach I use the same tools I share. A few rounds of EFT, essential oils in the diffuser and in my mouth, lavender under the nose, brainwave entrainment on repeat and 24 hours later, though I had some moments of reprieve, that pit-of-my-stomach anxiety was still there.

The thing you’re avoiding is what you most need.

It could have been an audible voice because it was so clear to me, “Just get everything packed. Whatever happens after that you can deal but you can’t deal with not having your passport and other necessities for your upcoming trip, so pack.”

So I packed, even though I felt sick to my stomach. When I was done I did another foot bath, said a prayer, put on Louise Hay’s evening meditation and went to bed.

About an hour and a half before my alarm the next morning I was awake. And while I slept okay it was not great. I was also felt okay, but not great. Then came another really strong thought, “I have exactly enough time to do a castor oil pack treatment.”

It didn’t take long for me to realize that it had been a while since I’d done one and my symptoms of the past week, including occasional fits of sneezing and itchy nose, would be helped by this treatment. So I reached for my flannel and castor oil put it on and crawled back under the covers.

When I awakened again about an hour and 20 minutes later I felt so much better. This is going to work out just fine. That is when I started to have really clear, positive thoughts. I reminded myself that there were people praying for my safe journey, that spending my summer in NJ was something I wanted to do since March, that life is outside our total control and we can only do the best we can at any given moment, that I was safe and all was well.


My body knows how to do anxiety. It is a habit. However, I set my intention clearly and then took action, believing that God always has my best interest at heart. Then, whatever the outcome is, I purpose to chose to be content. That does not mean that I don’t experience all the human emotions, including panic, but I don’t let them derail me. In hindsight, I realize that allowing myself to be okay with the anxiety I was feeling and other discomforting thoughts was the biggest shift I made. Being able to consciously interrupt those thoughts with verbalizations of fact and thoughts of my interactions with my loved ones was very helpful in changing that pattern of panic.

Just so you know, this story ended very well. Thursday was an amazing day. My meeting was great and it was a good thing I was there because a few other board members were not able to make it. One lady loved my goal journal so much she bought one on the spot, and I got a bulk order request. My drive to NJ was very smooth and enjoyable. I made it in good time to get some sleep and get to my nephew’s graduation the following morning. All with no anxiety.

But the moral of this story is not in the ending; it was in the journey. Like life, it is ALL in the journey. It is in how we choose to react in any given moment. Funnily enough, I’ll close this post with a quote from Viktor Frankl. It was his book, Man’s Search For Meaning, which was my companion for part of my drive to NJ. Viktor Frankl was a psychiatrist and spent time in four different holocaust camps. Many of the words in his book struck a cord with me, but these fit this post best: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Let’s Chat: from my belly to my teeth, diabetes and enzymes.

The problem with my teeth came back. Well, it didn’t just come back, I allowed it to come back with my actions – mostly consuming too much sugar. Let me be clear: it’s not necessarily the sugar passing over your teeth, but the effect sugar has on our gut that causes problems with our teeth.

Sugar and our gut? There is mounting evidence, more like mountains of evidence that so much of health is affected by what happens in our gut. Too much sugar puts a strain on our pancreas and liver and causes havoc for our little bacteria friends living in our gut. It is not the sole cause for conditions like SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), but with the predominant lifestyle and diets of today, it is a big contributor. There’s a really good article on SIBO here.

Diabetes came into the picture after having a conversation with a friend who’s diabetic and he commented that he wanted something to help tone his liver and get rid of the fatty deposits in his liver.

So I asked him is he gets a film on his teeth after a meal? And his answer was as I suspected, “Yes.” My next question was “do you sleep through the night?” and as suspected, he did not. He then mentioned a tooth problem he had a few month ago. I then had one recommendation for him to help his sleeping, liver, teeth and in the process, his diabetes.

Enzymes. Specifically a multi enzyme supplement.

Enzymes are like little constructions workers, they break down and they help build. And you need multiple ones because they all have a specific job they do. Protease breaks down protein, lipase breaks down fats, amylase – carbs.

Unless your eating plenty of raw, organic vegetables then chances are you need a multi-enzyme. When not breaking down your food, they are helping with tons on other functions in your body, including cleanup. Enough enzymes means your digestion is better, which reduces bacterial imbalance and overgrowth in your intestines which leads to a host of other issues in our bodies including leaky guy, immune dysfunction.

But what about access to the nutrition you are giving your body. If it’s not getting broken down properly, then you are not accessing it and it can’t do anything to help your body be better.

My personal testimony has to do with taking an enzyme before bed. I’ve talked before about your liver and sleep and if you are not sleeping through the night a good enzyme formula before bed will help aid your liver function (which at night is to detox) and will help you sleep better. A few years ago while on my healing journey from a-fib, there were periods of time when I would wake up every 1-2 hours during the night. One huge helper was taking a couple enzymes before I went to bed.

I told my friend I would grab some recommendations for him and I thought, why not share it with you all to0. My recommendations are based on products I have used or have no reservation about using.

NOW Super Enzymes 180 Capsules – I love that is has Ox bile in it for additional gallbladder support.

Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System 180 Vegetarian Capsules – this has great herbal compliments in it.

Garden of Life O-Zyme Ultra Ultimate Digestive Enzyme Blend 90 Vegetarian Capsules

And of course, here is the Let’s Chat video; do like it, share it and leave a comment.


I found an interesting forum thread on the same subject of diabetes and enzymes.

Lighten up for summer: Whole Juice vs Smoothies

It’s definitely warm now here in South Carolina and time for cold (in my case, cool) drinks. Smoothies are great anytime of the year, but summer for me requires lighting up. Heavy meals and feeling stuffed don’t fair well most anytime, but especially when it’s hot. But what if you still what to get all the whole food goodness into you? My solution: whole juice.

It really comes down to a texture thing. Smoothies are usually thicker versus juice which is more liquid. The recipe for the accompanying video still incorporates the entire fruit/green/vegetable, so you get the fiber as well as the nutrients. You’ll get a better idea of the texture in the video and you’ll find the recipe just under it.

Recipe (tweak to your liking):

Dandelion leaves (I used 6- 4″ leaves)

Beet (about a 2oz piece)

1 1/2 tsp acerola cherry powder

2 tsp  raw honey

16-20 oz water


1 oz of apple cider vinegar

4 oz of ginger water kefir + the ginger pieces.


Add 3 ice cubes and blend again. #yum

I’ll surely be playing with whole juices this summer.  Do you have a favorite drink to enjoy in the summer? Or what whole juices are thinking of trying?

I also did this Sunday’s Let’s Chat on lightening up your emotions. You can watch that episode here.

Quote: A Good Day, Everyday.

Choose a good day.png

“Choose to have a good day…everyday.” ~ Roanne Bacchus

Things I like: Royaltie Gems

#ProximityMarketing | reachyour.market

My curiosity often gets the best of me, and every so often, it leads me to something pretty cool. Recently, it’s the Royaltie Gem; and it’s making the next advertising frontier, mobile devices, accessible to everyone.

Without spending hundreds of dollars on app development, you can automatically promote your business on every nearby Android phone. Hooray!

Say what!?! Yes. #exciting. If you are a business owner, can you imagine the reach? The applications to your business? The increased customer engagement? The increased revenue?

This is how it works. A tiny wireless device called a Royaltie Gem is sent to you. You decide the promotional message you want to broadcast. The Royaltie Gem sends your message to every nearby Android smartphone. Simple.

Royaltie Gem Proximity Marketing Device Why Android phones? In December 2016, there was a change in the android operating system that allowed for nearby notifications. This is not yet available on iPhones. However, Android represents 60% of the North American smartphone market and 85% of users outside of North America.

The Royaltie Gem is battery powered and lasts two years. It does not require cellular data or a Wifi connection. To receive Royaltie messages, the phone just needs Bluetooth turned on. Are you one of the many people who already keep their bluetooth on to connect to their headsets, vehicle or other devices?

There are no set up fees. No hidden fees. A $50 deposit and $29/month for three devices. There is an additional shipping charge outside the US. That’s it. It arrives up and running. Actually, one of the best testimonies I’ve heard is of a gentleman getting page views while his Gem was in transit to him.

The Royaltie Gem provides:

– an automatic way to promote your business on every nearby Android phone;

– unlimited messaging included in the low monthly fee;

– a simple way to connect with people you would not have otherwise.

I have not even received mine yet, but I’m excited. I’m also excited about the two-tier affiliate earning opportunity they provide. To find out more about the affiliate program, schedule a call with me.

Or click to check out the Royaltie Gem now.


Disclosure: I am a registered affiliate of Royaltie Gem. I only share products that I have used or have no reservation about using and the opinions expressed are fully my own.