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Mantra bands are here!

I’d been thinking about doing #EnjoyingBeing bands for over a year. I’d also been trying to figure out a way to pay for individual trauma resolution sessions for survivors of domestic abuse.

I’d been doing group sessions with a group of domestic abuse survivors for some time now. But it’s hard to foster real change on a personal level, in a group setting. Especially for a group of women who are coming from a life where it was beneficial to protect oneself at all costs. It’s challenging to get them to truly open up in a group.

Yet, these women are just the ones who need real change, who need to heal from their past traumas so that they can move forward as contributing members of society and not end up back in another abusive relationship.

Your donation will help make this possible.

The part I’m most excited about is the mantra on each band. “I am loved. All is well.” I wanted the bands to have a gift from me to the wearer. I chose that mantra because it was so universal, it could fit every stressful situation, serving as a grounding (or uplifting) reminder. It could also be used as a meditation mantra for 15 seconds or five minutes and leave a person feeling centered.

One coping strategy for those who experience panic attacks is to ground oneself by touching something around you. This mantra band would be perfect for that.

Order a band for yourself and everyone in your circle. Any donation is accepted. Bands are gifted started at $2.

There’s even a way to give a $5 donation for free. Hop over to I’ll also be keeping track of how many survivors are helped on that page.

With love and thanks.


What’s Making You Sick

I’ve spent the last two weeks of November, including Thanksgiving, in New Jersey, and by the time I left, I almost didn’t know what day it was. Between my four nephews playing Fortnite (#groan) and the many naps I had to take (self-care for the caregiver), it is time to get back to my regularly scheduled life LOL.

Of course, I spent some time reflecting on my life’s journey, the past year and what I was thankful for. One huge thing was…

…my health. I am really thankful for my health.

I was not always thankful for my health. I supported it as best I knew how with minimal effort of course, and it was sort of always there…until one day it wasn’t. Then I missed it very much. I then spent loads of money and even more time working to get it back.

That part of my life journey, helped me realize that health and wellness was always part of my life. As a teenager, I read Self magazine. Really! I did!. I grew up with “bush medicine”, my grandma had a leaf and tea for everything. The religion I grew up in has a “health message” that was a major part of it proselytizing. Helping my mom with her health issues and then having to overcome mine. My life’s journey has led me to the work I do now as a Wholisitc Lifestyle Coach.

Over Thanksgiving, I did a series of Lives on Facebook because I realized that many of my friends didn’t have an understanding of what I did and it was frustrating for me to see everyone posting about their ailments and me not scream from the social media rooftop, “I CAN HELP YOU!!” You can view the video series here.

Saying I can help you is one thing. I also want to give you a hands-on opportunity to see what could be causing your symptoms. You can do that with my compliments in the next two weeks. I’ve made some time available on my calendar.  Click here to pick a time:

And if you haven’t, be sure to like my Facebook page to future information videos –

Feel free to pass this message on to a friend. Maybe they want to find out about their symptoms too.

With gratitude, from my heart to yours.


How to Chews – a guide on how to choose better food.

There is a mass of information about food: what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, how much to eat – it can be very overwhelming. The tricky part is that every diet recommendation comes with a reasoning that may not be the best of your body in the long run, and it usually takes several years after a diet become popular for the fallout to start coming to light.

And what happens when you “complete” the diet and reintroduce foods that were not allowed during the diet?

If diets gave long-term results then it would not be a multi-billion (with a “B”)  dollar industry.

But you know what works? Eating real food. The biggest reason is that food is information.

Your body recognizes it.

No matter the food, including sugar and fat, it’s better to give your body the real thing. Food grows how it’s supposed to and kept close to its original form works how it’s supposed to in the body. When food is altered to the point that it does not work how it’s supposed to in the body (eg. Sucralose ie an altered sugar) then it provides the wrong information.

This impacts our body all the way to our genes. Food is information and lends to our internal environment. Our internal (and external) environment determines how our genes express ie mutations and disease vs health.

What we eat is information, not just food. The research of  Bruce Lipton has proven that.

So do we really need hundreds or even tens of diets to choose from?

No. We just need to know “How To Chews” real food. Get a free guide at


The poem below is what poured forth after seeing those on social media call refugees and the people that give them financial support, “pure evil”. I realized that those “Christians” need my prayers more than the refugees because they have “hardened their hearts.” A heart is softened by love and compassion.

Then I thought, weren’t those that were “out to get” Jesus considered the religious elite of their time? I wonder what “reason” they will give God as to why they behaved with hate other humans?

Next, my observation. Those considered secular are embracing oneness and shared humanity and those “commissioned by Christ” are still stuck in a duality that justifies disregard, fear, and hate for other humans. Are we not all neighbors on earth? #whatwouldJesusdo #lovethyneighbor #GodisLove.

Where are you placing your hope – in a God that influences with His love or in our human ability to rebut what we fear?

And so while it feels to me like I’m “rocking the boat”, I speak out for MY shared humanity, because one day, it could be me in need of support from another human and instead of seeing me as someone in need, they may think I’m “pure evil”. I hope not.


Today, I woke up in a bed, in a warm house.
Today, I got to go to work and earn an income.
Today, I had good-for-me food that tasted good.
Today, I had clean water to drink.
Today, I called my loved ones, heard their voices and saw their faces.
Today, I put on clean clothes that kept me warm.
Today, I accessed the internet and mined from the knowledge it holds.
Today, I listened to an audiobook on my mobile device.
Today, when I turned the key in my vehicle, it started.
Today, I didn’t have to walk 2000 miles in search of a better life.
Today, the kids I know didn’t have to sit on a mat on the curb to attend school.
Today, I didn’t lose my home to a flood.
Today, I was not punched and told it was because I was loved.
Today, my body didn’t hurt.
Today, I can vote.
Today, I can practice whichever religion I choose, or none at all.
Today, I could become a legal spouse.
Today, I get to show compassion to someone whose shoes I don’t want to walk in.
Today, I get to make food, to send via a loved one, on a plane, to an old friend.
Today, I get to smile.
Today, I get to breathe.
I get to
and enjoy,
Tomorrow I may have to go without all these things.
But today…today someone didn’t get to experience any of these,
yet they breathe,
and they hope,
and they keep moving forward,
with as much #EnjoyingBeing as they can,

Asking Better Questions About Breast Cancer

The image is of my notes with a pink ribbon sticker from the event next to a note I have stuck to my lap board. I think this is appropriate because to really make a difference in reducing cancer, not just cancer deaths, we have to be as bold and outside of the box as Ayn Rand.

I attended an event at one of my local hospitals. During this event, the hospital staff shared some of the latest things they are doing to improve the outcomes for their breast cancer patients and their families. I have to say, as a Wholistic practitioner, I was happy to see that there was some openness toward incorporating additional support therapies. Yet, I couldn’t help writhing in my seat listening to the MD experts (their statements are in bold, some paraphrased). I know that complaining or objecting is not the best way to seek a better solution so I started taking notes and working on creating some better questions. Hey, I even asked a couple, which is not my norm in situations like that because they tend to be controversial. Hey. I’m working on me too. Let me also say, I believe western medicine has a place in our society, but it’s failed miserably when it comes to chronic conditions.

So here are my notes, thoughts, and questions from that event. I hope it spurs thinking and questions in you too.

Getting a mammogram is part of prevention. Prevention of what? Testing to find an issue is not prevention of the issue because once you find it, it’s already there. What I know of the number range used in blood tests is that they are an indicator of disease, but being within the range does not mean you are healthy. In my early 20s, I had very low cholesterol, HDL and LDL, but it was often within range, sometimes by just a few points, so my doctor did not echo my concern. I eventually learned, on my own, that low cholesterol was connected to anxiety and depression, which I also experiencing. I get it…mammograms are credited with early detection and they increase the survival rate in the general population.

But words matter. Calling screening prevention means that there is nothing else one must do but get tested. Screenings are not preventive of a disease, though they might be preventive of death. Early detection is a better word choice. Understand though that early detection is still not prevention.

Breastfeeding reduces breast cancer risk. Black women are statistically less likely to breastfeed. My guess is this is a socio-economic issue involving income and education. Black women also statistically have a diagnosis in later stages of breast cancer and have higher death rates from breast cancer. I believe this is also socio-economic.

With what is now proven by epigenetics, why are BRCA genes still considered a risk factor and mastectomy is still recommended as the treatment? Genes don’t just malfunction; they express based on the information they receive via their internal and external environment. Our inner environment is influenced by everything from food to emotions. So taking out the breast tissue does not positively change the environment, it only creates another obstacle to normal body function because now the person has lost part of their endocrine system. I don’t see how the traditional western medicine approach fits this because with something like epigenetics because we all have different emotional interpretations for similar life experiences, which affect our internal environments differently. For this, it seems one would benefit from an emotional Coach as well as an MD.

The Radiation Oncologist talked about reducing the previously recommended treatment of 6-7 weeks of radiation to 3-4 weeks. The 3-4 week treatment was started in places like Canada because of their public health system and the number of patients. Other benefits include less tissue damage and patients getting back to some normalcy in their life sooner, all with the same level of health outcome. Which led me to ask, since they both work the same, where did the 6-7 week practice come from? To paraphrase his answer, it became standard treatment because that was the maximum amount of radiation that human tissue can take before it loses its ability to heal from the radiation. This came out of work done by a radiologist in the 1940s and 50s.

Are you freaking kidding me!!!!! For almost 80 years, we’ve been using a recommendation without review or question?!?!? So I don’t go off on a ranting tangent, I’ll just say, “This is why I question EVERYTHING.”

Cancer is defined as an uncontrolled proliferation of cells from the breast. According to, “nearly all cancers are capable of producing cysts. Cysts that appear uniform after examination by ultrasound or a computerized tomography (CT) scan are almost always benign and should simply be observed. If the cyst has solid components, it may be benign or malignant and should have further evaluation.”

A cyst is a sac that can contain air, fluid or matter/cells. To me, that shows the body’s ability to deal with its inner environment. by containing these abnormal cells. This also shows the potential danger a mammogram can cause by breaking that cyst. I understand that mammograms can be helpful and please know that the FDA still recommends mammography as the standard for early detection.

I want you to know that there are other options that can find changes in physiology before it becomes something like cancer, when lifestyle changes can more easily reverse inflammatory responses and increase health and vitality. Plus, only a biopsy can determine if it’s really cancer or not. If you choose to have a mammogram, make it an informed choice and not one just by default.

The Nordic Cochrane Center in Denmark, an independent body of researchers says this, “Screening produces patients with breast cancer from among healthy women who would never have developed symptoms of breast cancer. Treatment of these healthy women increases their risk of dying, e.g. from heart disease and cancer. It therefore no longer seems beneficial to attend for breast cancer screening. In fact, by avoiding going to screening, a woman will lower her risk of getting a breast cancer diagnosis. However, despite this, some women might still wish to go to screening.”

Again, make your decision an informed one. You can find the Nordic Cochrane Center’s published research here.

These are some my thoughts on breast cancer. What are yours?


Conversations Starters From The Florence, SC Shooting

I live in Florence, SC and if you are taking a well-earned hiatus from the news, you may not have heard about the gun-fire exchange that killed a police officer, injured six police and sheriff officers and 5 civilians including the shooter. Find a link to an article at the end of this post.

What conversations can be sparked from this incident?…which I was ready to have that evening, but wanted to wait for more of the story to be released. Now that more information has been shared, here goes….

Sensible gun laws.
It’s Saturday, three days after the Florence shooting and I’m sitting in my home listening, again, to gunshots from either hunting or practice. The “gun control” conversation is a hard one to have in a place like South Carolina. Folks have been drinking the ‘fear’ kool-aid, fed to them by their ‘preferred-party’ politicians for too long. They really believe their guns will be taken away, though I have yet to be given a reason other than the 2nd amendment for needing an arsenal of high-powered weapons. It amazes me to hear high school students talk about it with such knowing.

I’m not a hunter. I can only guess why high powered rifles are used for hunting big game. However, the problem we seem to be having is they are also being used on humans. I don’t have a “best” solution but I would not be against an all-out ban. You can use other weapons to hunt and yes, you can use other weapons to kill people too. What we need is more conversation without everyone being lost in their fear or anger.

Mental Illness.
The term ‘mental illness’ carries a lot of stigma and in some cases is not a proper descriptor. I believe it limits treatment options because it does not create much space for the option of resolving emotional trauma that can lead to conditions described as a mental illness, such as anxiety. For conditions like anxiety and PTSD, I think there should be an Emotional Illness classification.

People are healing from anxiety and PTSD but not with the traditional western medical model. The alternative models used help resolve the emotional interpretation of the traumatic event that led to the anxiety and PTSD. The memory of the event is not erased, however, the emotional trigger is quieted or resolved.

Change is possible, but usually only happens after it becomes a larger part of the mass consciousness; only when a lot more people know about it.

White privilege.
Another term that seems to spark anger. But help me understand:
1 — The shooter knew they were coming to his home. Does law enforcement give courtesy calls when they have a warrant?
2 — This man and his family have had other run-ins with the law but with him and his wife being lawyers (he was disbarred) they know how to work the system.
3 — How can you have a lengthy standoff with police and yet a man running away from a police officer is shot in the back?

I applaud the work of the law enforcement that responded to the Florence event and I know that not everyone can be lumped into the same bucket. But until I don’t worry about my five nephews, all different shades of a chocolate rainbow, being stopped by police and not making it home alive because a candy bar was mistaken for a weapon, we need to keep talking about this. And I did make some suggestions in a previous blog post.

And here’s a video about the issue of racial bias. I like this because it is emotionally intelligent and asks constructive questions.

The need for #emotionalliteracyforall.
The shooter’s request for a public defender makes we wonder if they had foster kids for the financial help it provides. My intent is not to negate the possibility that they did really want to help the kids in foster care. My intent is to understand how this family ended up in such a mess so that I don’t go down that road. Without knowing the ins and outs of their life, the only reasonable thing I’m coming up with is they were not good at living with open integrity — telling the truth even when it’s hard.

Our society teaches us to keep up appearances; to keep calm and carry on even when you are in emotional pain. Humans cannot live like this forever. Eventually, people lash out or we die from our internal conflict via an illness or suicide.

I love that more people are speaking out about the NORMAL things humans experience — love, loss, pain, death, hurt, and even the ins and outs of success. Like Bon Jovi says, “Life ain’t a merry-go-round; It’s a roller coaster.” No one gets through this life without being scathed by some emotional trauma. We humans have to become more emotionally open to riding life’s roller coaster. We all have to ride it.

“I can be mean as (expletive), sweet as candy, cold as winter, evil as hell or loyal like a soldier,” the post said. “It all depends on you.” This was a quote from the son of the Florence shooter.

I’m going to assume a lot of people believe this statement to be true for them because I’ve heard it over and over and over again from a wide variety of people over the course of my life. Are you saying that other people have that much control over you that you cannot act independently of what others think or say about you, or do to you? This may sound like being tough, bold, or brave, but this shows a need for emotional literacy. This shows how much easier it is to lash out at someone else instead of being with and working through your own emotional pain.

Humans really have a long way to go. Hopefully, more will choose to take positive growth lessons from this and not fall deeper into their ignorant and arrogant us vs them story. Citizens of the USA love to tout “freedom”, yet, I think we often forget the “responsibility” part that must accompany it. Knowing that we all learn by watching the example of others, I will do my best to be a positive example. That is my responsibility.

#weareallhuman #weareallamericans

Article about the Florence shooting.

Breast Cancer, ThermoBuzzer™ And More Awareness.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is upon us and I’m looking for ways to help communities be more aware of their health and shift the mindset in a more positive and proactive direction.

A common misconception is that we don’t have to do anything but get our screenings/tests each year. However, a test is not a method of prevention. Prevention is the daily action we take. Yet, many people don’t think about their health until something feels really painful or something shows up in a test.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

In my Wholistic Lifestyle Health Coaching practice, I utilize a device called ThermoBuzzer™.  The ThermoBuzzer™ Mobile Imaging System combines cutting-edge mobile technology with infrared imaging to visually demonstrate stress imbalances as heat. This heat occurs where the body is working to heal, regulate or normalize. It’s perfect for monitoring peak performance and longevity. It’s also non-invasive and chemical-free. And it’s the perfect tool to detect issues when prevention is still an option. Click on the image to see a demo video of ThermoBuzzer™.

In October, I’m offering to set up for two hours (negotiable) to do screenings at a location of your choice. I will need a room or even just a corner as I can bring a portable privacy screen. The screening will be free to you and your patrons/attendees.

If you would like to make a reservation for the complimentary service, please reach out to me at Together we can move our community’s health-mindset in a more positive and proactive direction. If you have an organization that would benefit from this, please forward this blog post to them or find an official letter here.

What preventive steps do you take currently? Do you believe ailments like Cancer can be prevented? Let me know in the comments.

ThermoBuzzer™ is not a medical device. You will not receive a medical screening or diagnosis. This is not a substitute for mammography screening. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends any thermographic screening be done as an adjunct to mammography. This offer does not conduct medical examinations, diagnose, treat or cure any mental or physical disease, disorder, injury or illness. It also does not recommend or prescribe any pharmaceutical drugs or any change in dosage or discontinuation of prescription medications. Always consult your healthcare provider.


Shift Your Health: 4-weeks to feel better in your body.

Our current healthcare model is not stopping the growth of chronic diseases.

Time to try a new paradigm. Four weeks. A better you.

Shift Your Health.

Enrollment: 9/14/18 – 9/24/18

Sessions start Monday 10/1/18, 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM; weekly.

Investment: $40. A weekly payment plan available.

The return on your investment includes:
> 4 weeks to explore the health of your mind, emotions, and body.
> 4 weeks to learn how to feel better in your body.
> Changes you can implement for years to come.
> Attend classes in your PJs (online video classroom).
> Online forum to connect with other class participants.
> 1- Wholistic Lifestyle Coaching session with personalized Lifestyle Prescriptions®. (Recommend scheduling prior to the start of the 4-week session).
> 10 ThermoBuzzer™ scan images (only available locally). Can be redeemed up to one year if you are not local.
> Ongoing support via email or text prior to and for two weeks after the program (responses within 24 hours).
> 15 min personal call time, per week, during program, if needed.
> 10% discount on all future classes/workshops.
> Family and friends rate for personal coaching for up to 1 year after class. (save up to $720)


Problems cannot be solved with the same type of thinking that created them.

Shift Your Health.

Registration opens on Friday 9/14/18. There is a 20 person limit and I’m guessing you don’t want to miss out. Pre-register at


9/11, Emotions and Health.

Lower Manhattan, post 9/11, with the New World Trade Center under construction. Photo by

I’m feeling a touch of sadness as I realized that 9/11 falls on a Tuesday again, as it did in 2001. But I don’t think that’s the only reason I feel like that. I realized that we as a society, a country, a world and just a bunch a very hurt people and most of us don’t even recognize it. Being a human guarantees you will experience some form of emotional trauma in your life; it’s just part of the journey.

However, when we exist in that hurt, we lash out with fear and anger. Without emotional literacy, it’s a hard choice to help a neighbor when we are in the emotions of fear and anger. We have a lot of work to do. And after going through such an event as 9/11, to become even more divided now, just 18 years later, is evidence that we are far from emotionally literate.

I want to believe that in a world where people cross all the imaginary barriers erected for them, that we can overcome racism, sexism, ageism and all the other -isms aka divisions. That we can be emotionally intelligent during life’s twists and turns and have the ability to help each other through because we are not lost in our own emotional trauma.

Photo from the NYPost.

I do know we can change, thanks to neuroplasticity. And it doesn’t have to take a long time either. But we have to realize that we need to change and that happens the more we see others do it. Awareness is where change starts. Awareness of the emotions and the physical sensations that accompany our emotions. Awareness that you CAN change your emotions. Allow that thought into your mind, you don’t even have to agree with it.

We cannot ignore this emotional crisis us humans are experiencing. We have conquered so much of our previously unknown. I mean, look at what modern medicine can do with the physical body. Yet, it is miles away from even touching the real medical crisis of today, ie. chronic diseases. Why?

I could summize for days as to the reasons why, but, I know what I see with my clients. I see pain resolving, hair no longer falling out and people overcoming health challenges that they have had for years. In case you’re wondering what the secret is, I’ll gladly share. It’s helping them resolve specific emotional trauma; and in this human experience, none of us are exempt. Also, emotions, especially around traumatic experiences, are something a large part of our society avoids talking about and even experiencing. No, we shouldn’t prefer emotions such as fear and sadness, but we all experience it and those experiences are a regular part of being alive, for all human beings. Avoidance is futile…and makes you sick.

So I will continue to do the personal emotional work I must do for me…and you. I will work on resolving my trauma and I will stand brave and open so that I can plant the seed of possibility for anyone looking.

Here’s what I would like you to do. Take a deep breath…or 10. Be friendly toward your emotions. Listen to your body. Seek a helping professional such as a coach or counselor, when the need arises. Do it for you, for your health and for humanity.