What’s Making You Sick

I’ve spent the last two weeks of November, including Thanksgiving, in New Jersey, and by the time I left, I almost didn’t know what day it was. Between my four nephews playing Fortnite (#groan) and the many naps I had to take (self-care for the caregiver), it is time to get back to my regularly scheduled life LOL.

Of course, I spent some time reflecting on my life’s journey, the past year and what I was thankful for. One huge thing was…

…my health. I am really thankful for my health.

I was not always thankful for my health. I supported it as best I knew how with minimal effort of course, and it was sort of always there…until one day it wasn’t. Then I missed it very much. I then spent loads of money and even more time working to get it back.

That part of my life journey, helped me realize that health and wellness was always part of my life. As a teenager, I read Self magazine. Really! I did!. I grew up with “bush medicine”, my grandma had a leaf and tea for everything. The religion I grew up in has a “health message” that was a major part of it proselytizing. Helping my mom with her health issues and then having to overcome mine. My life’s journey has led me to the work I do now as a Wholisitc Lifestyle Coach.

Over Thanksgiving, I did a series of Lives on Facebook because I realized that many of my friends didn’t have an understanding of what I did and it was frustrating for me to see everyone posting about their ailments and me not scream from the social media rooftop, “I CAN HELP YOU!!” You can view the video series here.

Saying I can help you is one thing. I also want to give you a hands-on opportunity to see what could be causing your symptoms. You can do that with my compliments in the next two weeks. I’ve made some time available on my calendar.  Click here to pick a time: https://calendly.com/roanne/explore.

And if you haven’t, be sure to like my Facebook page to future information videos – https://www.facebook.com/EnjoyingBeing/.

Feel free to pass this message on to a friend. Maybe they want to find out about their symptoms too.

With gratitude, from my heart to yours.


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