Things I like: Royaltie Gems

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My curiosity often gets the best of me, and every so often, it leads me to something pretty cool. Recently, it’s the Royaltie Gem; and it’s making the next advertising frontier, mobile devices, accessible to everyone.

Without spending hundreds of dollars on app development, you can automatically promote your business on every nearby Android phone. Hooray!

Say what!?! Yes. #exciting. If you are a business owner, can you imagine the reach? The applications to your business? The increased customer engagement? The increased revenue?

This is how it works. A tiny wireless device called a Royaltie Gem is sent to you. You decide the promotional message you want to broadcast. The Royaltie Gem sends your message to every nearby Android smartphone. Simple.

Royaltie Gem Proximity Marketing Device Why Android phones? In December 2016, there was a change in the android operating system that allowed for nearby notifications. This is not yet available on iPhones. However, Android represents 60% of the North American smartphone market and 85% of users outside of North America.

The Royaltie Gem is battery powered and lasts two years. It does not require cellular data or a Wifi connection. To receive Royaltie messages, the phone just needs Bluetooth turned on. Are you one of the many people who already keep their bluetooth on to connect to their headsets, vehicle or other devices?

There are no set up fees. No hidden fees. A $50 deposit and $29/month for three devices. There is an additional shipping charge outside the US. That’s it. It arrives up and running. Actually, one of the best testimonies I’ve heard is of a gentleman getting page views while his Gem was in transit to him.

The Royaltie Gem provides:

– an automatic way to promote your business on every nearby Android phone;

– unlimited messaging included in the low monthly fee;

– a simple way to connect with people you would not have otherwise.

I have not even received mine yet, but I’m excited. I’m also excited about the two-tier affiliate earning opportunity they provide. To find out more about the affiliate program, schedule a call with me.

Or click to check out the Royaltie Gem now.


Disclosure: I am a registered affiliate of Royaltie Gem. I only share products that I have used or have no reservation about using and the opinions expressed are fully my own.

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