Shift Your Health: 4-weeks to feel better in your body.

Our current healthcare model is not stopping the growth of chronic diseases.

Time to try a new paradigm. Four weeks. A better you.

Shift Your Health.

Enrollment: 9/14/18 – 9/24/18

Sessions start Monday 10/1/18, 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM; weekly.

Investment: $40. A weekly payment plan available.

The return on your investment includes:
> 4 weeks to explore the health of your mind, emotions, and body.
> 4 weeks to learn how to feel better in your body.
> Changes you can implement for years to come.
> Attend classes in your PJs (online video classroom).
> Online forum to connect with other class participants.
> 1- Wholistic Lifestyle Coaching session with personalized Lifestyle Prescriptions®. (Recommend scheduling prior to the start of the 4-week session).
> 10 ThermoBuzzer™ scan images (only available locally). Can be redeemed up to one year if you are not local.
> Ongoing support via email or text prior to and for two weeks after the program (responses within 24 hours).
> 15 min personal call time, per week, during program, if needed.
> 10% discount on all future classes/workshops.
> Family and friends rate for personal coaching for up to 1 year after class. (save up to $720)


Problems cannot be solved with the same type of thinking that created them.

Shift Your Health.

Registration opens on Friday 9/14/18. There is a 20 person limit and I’m guessing you don’t want to miss out. Pre-register at


Let’s Chat Catch-up

It’s #beachseason here in South Carolina and it’s been on my to-do list. #saltlife

What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer?

More importantly, in case you’ve missed these Let’s Chat videos. You can see the entire archive here.

Speak truth to BS.

You know more than your doctor.

How not to become who hurt you.

Is it too easy for you?

Enjoy and share your thoughts in the comments.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® and ThermoBuzzer™ starts June 1.

Starting June 1, I will be offering Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching, in-person or via Zoom. Yay! You can reserve a FULL complimentary (aka FREE) Wholistic Lifestyle Prescriptions® Coaching session. Yes, you read that correctly. To celebrate my online launch, I’m offering launch pricing until August 31 with complimentary full sessions during the entire month of June to those who are a part of my email tribe (Join here). Complimentary sessions must be booked online by June 9th and only through this link:

 Interjection: Insta follow request at Thanks. Now let’s continue.

So what is Lifestyle Prescriptions®?
This is a wholistic coaching method that finds the root causes for why you don’t feel great. It uses healing arts and science to identify a mind-body-social cause for symptoms. This addresses you as a whole person because everything in our life affects everything else in our life, even our health. I then guide you in resolving these challenges to your health. Along with providing personal support, I use non-invasive, wholistic and energy techniques. Between sessions, your body and mind have time to adjust and regenerate, and you have time to implement your personalized Lifestyle Prescriptions® bringing change that sticks and feels good.

An example of a thermo scan.

ThermoBuzzer™ will also be available June 1st, with introductory pricing. ThermoBuzzer™ Mobile Imaging System combines cutting-edge mobile technology with infrared imaging to visually demonstrate stress imbalances via the autonomic nervous system. It’s the perfect educational and monitoring system for peak performance, longevity and prevention screenings. ThermoBuzzer™ is:
No contact
No radiation
Indicates under/over function, blood flow, inflammation and imbalances caused by stress.
Highlights pre-disease conditions that can easily be addressed with a Lifestyle Prescription®.

Bonus: Until August 31, you will get five (5) Thermobuzzer™ scan images when you book any Lifestyle Prescription session or package. This is only available when we are in the same vicinity. Sorry, it doesn’t work over the internet. But, I do plan on being between NJ and SC, and even Vegas and VA over the summer. So if you’re even curious, don’t hesitate to connect because Thermobuzzer™ travels.

If you are reading this on my blog or on the WordPress reader, that does not mean you are a part of my email tribe. Please make sure you are in by 6/1 at You will not get double emails if you use the same email as previously.

Let’s Chat: What’s Disrupting You May Smell Good

This Let’s Chat has loads of info. There’s an info link, action step, and questions below the video. Thank for watching.

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that may interfere with the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects in both humans and wildlife. A wide range of substances, both natural and man-made, are thought to cause endocrine disruption, including pharmaceuticals, dioxin and dioxin-like compounds, polychlorinated biphenyls, DDT and other pesticides, and plasticizers such as bisphenol A. Endocrine disruptors may be found in many everyday products– including plastic bottles, metal food cans, detergents, flame retardants, food, toys, cosmetics, and pesticides. The NIEHS supports studies to determine whether exposure to endocrine disruptors may result in human health effects including lowered fertility and an increased incidence of endometriosis and some cancers. Research shows that endocrine disruptors may pose the greatest risk during prenatal and early postnatal development when organ and neural systems are forming.

In 2004, over 200 different industrial chemicals found in newborn cord blood.

There are chemicals in the air we breathe BUT they are chemicals found in a wide array of common household products — including furniture…and the things we put on our skin.

For 80 percent of the common chemicals in everyday use in this country we know almost nothing about whether or not they can damage the brains of children, the immune system, the reproductive system, and the other developing organs,”

The most helpful thing you can do for yourself is READ the INGREDIENTS list. Turning a bottle over, look away from the “buy-me” design on the front and read the ingredients list. You will start to get familiar with names and when you do look them up, you’ll better know what to avoid.

Do you have a fragrance story?
Who else out there thinks (or thought) something was wrong with them because they couldn’t do smells like everyone else?
Where do you stand now? What do you use?
What have you removed from your life, that doesn’t work for you or you can’t use? That I’m curious to know. And do you need help replacing fragrance containing items from your life? Comment below and I can gather a post with recommendations.

Everything’s A Choice

I was so anxious I could feel it in my stomach. This was the first time I was driving by myself from South Carolina to New Jersey an estimated 12 hours on the road. I had two travel options — leave Wednesday, overnight in Virginia and continue on the next day, or, leave Thursday after my monthly networking meeting and drive straight through. I had to be in New York on Friday morning for my nephew’s graduation (for several reasons whose details don’t matter for this post). I needed to be there.

The blessing in being.

Just the sound of the word ‘being’ makes me aware of my presence and action in the present moment. Yet, my #EnjoyingBeing was being challenged by my decided schedule.

I love our monthly networking meetings with the Pee Dee Business and Professional Women Network. Knowing that I was already going to miss our July meeting I really did not want to miss June’s. The days prior to this meeting were spent in focused preparation. I had work plus packing and prep because I decided on the latter travel option — leaving directly after our monthly meeting and driving straight to New Jersey. Plus, I was planning to be away for two months so I had to ready my place for my being away also.

The preparation was moving along. Slowly but surely, my habit of anxiety started creeping in. How was I going to drive 12 hours? Do I even have enough gas money to get there? What if I got sick on the road, again? That sick sinking feeling was growing in my stomach.

When I first made the decision to stay for my meeting and drive after, it felt like the right thing to do and I felt confident about it. However, this anxious feeling became noticeable during a conversation with a loved one, who I’m sure meant well in sharing their opinion.

Well, as a coach I use the same tools I share. A few rounds of EFT, essential oils in the diffuser and in my mouth, lavender under the nose, brainwave entrainment on repeat and 24 hours later, though I had some moments of reprieve, that pit-of-my-stomach anxiety was still there.

The thing you’re avoiding is what you most need.

It could have been an audible voice because it was so clear to me, “Just get everything packed. Whatever happens after that you can deal but you can’t deal with not having your passport and other necessities for your upcoming trip, so pack.”

So I packed, even though I felt sick to my stomach. When I was done I did another foot bath, said a prayer, put on Louise Hay’s evening meditation and went to bed.

About an hour and a half before my alarm the next morning I was awake. And while I slept okay it was not great. I was also felt okay, but not great. Then came another really strong thought, “I have exactly enough time to do a castor oil pack treatment.”

It didn’t take long for me to realize that it had been a while since I’d done one and my symptoms of the past week, including occasional fits of sneezing and itchy nose, would be helped by this treatment. So I reached for my flannel and castor oil put it on and crawled back under the covers.

When I awakened again about an hour and 20 minutes later I felt so much better. This is going to work out just fine. That is when I started to have really clear, positive thoughts. I reminded myself that there were people praying for my safe journey, that spending my summer in NJ was something I wanted to do since March, that life is outside our total control and we can only do the best we can at any given moment, that I was safe and all was well.


My body knows how to do anxiety. It is a habit. However, I set my intention clearly and then took action, believing that God always has my best interest at heart. Then, whatever the outcome is, I purpose to chose to be content. That does not mean that I don’t experience all the human emotions, including panic, but I don’t let them derail me. In hindsight, I realize that allowing myself to be okay with the anxiety I was feeling and other discomforting thoughts was the biggest shift I made. Being able to consciously interrupt those thoughts with verbalizations of fact and thoughts of my interactions with my loved ones was very helpful in changing that pattern of panic.

Just so you know, this story ended very well. Thursday was an amazing day. My meeting was great and it was a good thing I was there because a few other board members were not able to make it. One lady loved my goal journal so much she bought one on the spot, and I got a bulk order request. My drive to NJ was very smooth and enjoyable. I made it in good time to get some sleep and get to my nephew’s graduation the following morning. All with no anxiety.

But the moral of this story is not in the ending; it was in the journey. Like life, it is ALL in the journey. It is in how we choose to react in any given moment. Funnily enough, I’ll close this post with a quote from Viktor Frankl. It was his book, Man’s Search For Meaning, which was my companion for part of my drive to NJ. Viktor Frankl was a psychiatrist and spent time in four different holocaust camps. Many of the words in his book struck a cord with me, but these fit this post best: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Let’s Chat: Liver Love

My friend posted an article on Facebook about night sweats remedies, which in turn, prompted this Let’s Chat. For reference, the link to the article is at the end of this post.

My first thought was that the night sweats had to be affiliated with liver function. Sweating means the body is generating heat to create an exchange, plus, then it’s happening at night which is primary body detox time. The liver has over 500 functions but let’s keep it simple: digest and detoxify.

When I read the recommendations in the article, two things jumped out at me:
– About mid way through the list was a pill recommendation. Medicine has its place, but it does not fix the dysfunction that’s happening in the body; and often times, the dysfunction is doing it’s best to  help the body do what it needs to do anyway.
– Last on the list of recommendations was this, “Drinking alcohol before bed can cause night sweats. Spicy foods can have the same effect.” While both these things can have the same effect, the interact with the body differently – one destructively, one constructively. You may be able to guess which does what.

There is  a growing liver issue in the United States called Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver. According to an article from the Mayo Clinic, Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver “In the United States, it is the most common form of chronic liver disease, affecting an estimated 80 to 100 million people.”

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver disease is an umbrella term for a range of liver conditions affecting people who drink little to no alcohol. As the name implies, the main characteristic of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is too much fat stored in liver cells.”

I talk more about this and make more connections in my Facebook live. The jist is that with the excess of sugar, like what currently exists in so many foods today, nonalcoholic fatty liver a no-brainer. Our livers are stressed and overwhelmed and night sweats becomes one way our bodies try to save itself.

But what do you do about that?

One popular treatment (also touted for weight loss) is Lemon/ACV/Lemonade diet. Google can give you lots on information on these, but be mindful that there is no single, magic bullet for your wellness. Especially with the state of our environment and our food, detox must be a regular part our life. This does not mean take a diarrhea inducing pill. Detox is more holistic than that and can include foods such as tumeric which supports the liver in it’s functions, including detox.

Here’s a list of other ways to help this function of your liver.

– Herbs/teas: Dandelion (plentiful and free in the spring); any herb that is a blood purifier because they help reduce acidity in and help the body get rid of waste
– foot bath/full body soak with 3 parts epsom salts to 1 part backing soda. Also helps with magnesium (a very abundant mineral that we are chronically deficient in).
– Water (start by drinking enough), then getting electrolytes so you body can use the water (air-dried sea salt + black strap molasses).
– Healthy fats and lots of them
– Hot foods: peppers, ginger.
– Exercise (to help circulation and your liver get rid of it’s waste)
– Enzyme supplements before bed (when not digesting, they are cleaning, look for a complex with a variety of the ase’s)
– Getting enough sleep, starting before midnight.
– In some eastern medicine traditions, the liver is the decision organ. Decide then act. More in the video.
– Extras: Coffee enemas and caster oil packs.

Help your liver digest and detoxify well and you’ll feel awesome, without the night sweats.

Article that prompted this post:

Let’s Chat: Symptoms

If you needed a sign that NOW is the time to be the one responsible for your wellness, this is it –,amp.html – a blaring siren is there ever was one.

While your doctor may be the ‘professional’, you are the CEO, the managing partner; you make the final decision.

The idea I want to share is that a symptom/disease requires a different approach to fixing it. The chemical approach is common place but science in the last 20 years have been debunking that.

Let’s start by understanding what a symptom/disease is. Here are some definitions.

Symptom: a physical or mental feature that is regarded as indicating a condition of disease
Feature: a distinctive attribute or aspect of something.
Condition: the state of something
Regarded: consider or think of
Indicate: point out, show, suggest as
Disease: a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant
Syndrome: a group of symptoms that consistently occur together or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms.
diagnosis: the identification of the nature of (an illness or other) ‘a’ problem by examination of the symptoms
natural: the basic or inherent features of something, especially when seen as characteristic of it

Based on this, symptoms are the only thing we should be paying attention to. Here is my compiled definition of a symptom: a physical or mental attribute (or aspect) that is considered as suggesting the state of a disorder of structure of function (in a human). With that, a symptom can be anything that does not feel right, or feels uncomfortable in your body.

The problem now lies in that we’ve created drugs to kill/treat the symptoms; but we have not addressed the disorder of the structure of function that is causing the symptom.

If we pay attention to our symptoms and treat the disorder that the symptoms are suggesting, we can forgo the drugs which only cause more harm and even forgo the major diseases.

The accompanying live video is here.

Definitions provided by Google.

Let’s Chat: Be A Boat-rocker

Most of us humans are not boat rockers. We don’t wake up in the morning with the goal of causing commotion in our social seas. Yes, some people may very well make that their goal, but most people don’t. And before you jump to whether that is good or bad, follow me for a moment.

We are raised, and taught, by words and actions. We learn through observing those who crossed out paths – family, friends, teachers, classmates, etc. And today, we live our lives based on what we’ve learned. Yet, our present world is markedly different from 100, 50, even 10 years ago.

We live based principles passed down through generations and while they have changed some, they have not matriculated enough in too many areas of society. Now, I don’t think we have to toss everything out the window and start from scratch. But I do think we have to take a look at what we hold true and question whether it is beneficial in this current climate.

There was a Facebook video that started me down this thought path. It had a caption laws being passed to address sagging pants. I have no idea what it was about because I did not even look at it. But here is where my thoughts went:
things become social trends; we voice our opinions about it but basically dismiss it as a nuisance; fast forward 20 years; make laws to address the ‘social trend’.

Here’s the question de jour – does punishment, without addressing the belief  of the thinking, feeling person, bring change? Kids or adults? I’m guess we both came up with the answer of “no”.

Yes, punishment can change what behavior a person exhibits but it will not do much to change their thinking, feeling or belief – except now they believe they will be punished for expressing that behavior.

We must address the whole person when we want to institute change. We can punish forever and in so doing have some level of control over society, but what about the rabble-rousers? Those people show us that you cannot legislate what or how people think. And before you think rabble-rousers are a nuisance, they are usually the ones that institute the greatest, positive changes in society.

So what do we do? Well, I don’t know. I don’t have a simple solution. But we are off to a good start because you can only create a change when you see that there is a space for change. When you get to place of asking the question about change, you are in that space.

The same holds true for our health.

Our system is broken. When an 10-year old has to be treated for an eating disorder, out system is broken. When people would rather take a drug that does more harm than change a behavior that would help them feel better, our system is broken. People have given up their God given responsibility to care for their body, to others who don’t live in their body.  What is the disconnect we have that makes us think that’s okay? How can we change that?

My greatest wish is that more people get to space of asking questions. Asking questions comes with self-responsibility.

It really doesn’t matter what questions you ask. My favorite prompt word is ‘how’. Asking ‘how’ seeks solutions and implies self-responsibility because you are the only person you can put into action. ‘What’ and ‘when’ are also good prompt words. I am careful of two.

Why…can be helpful but we can also get stuck there. Coaching provides us with tools that are forward thinking and ways to create the change we want without fully knowing or understanding the why of the problem. So be mindful of the ‘why’ question.

Who…could be helpful also, but can also become a place for blame and excuses. Be careful of the ‘who’ question too.

I live my life by these ABCs – Always Be Curious. Let’s start asking. I’ll even take bad questions because at least it opens the door to the possibility of a better question. When we ask questions our possibilities become endless.

Here is the video for this Let’s Chat.*

Last week was #NEDawareness week – Feb 26 to March 4th, 2017. Let us be open to asking and answering questions. This is how we learn and connect and help better this world we all share.

*Let’s Chat happens live every Sunday on my Facebook page.

Let’s chat: Eat, you must.

Are you hungry?  Our bodies have a built in intelligence that if we listen to it, will help us feel our best.

Over the past month, I’ve talked about food, eating and our bodies on my Sunday morning Facebook chats. You’ll find an archive of the videos here.

Here are some touch points from the chats.

Nutrition in food form is best. Supplementation is still important because unless you are eating from your own garden, food lacks the amount of nutrition is had 50 years ago; due to factors that include picking it early to ship it and depleted nutrition in the soil.

Calories are not all equal. Consuming 2000 calories a day sounds good for measurement, but our bodies are not one dimensional. It needs energy as well as fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and even bacteria (the healthy ones) to function optimally. Because of this, 2000 calories of soda does not come close to the nutritional value of 2000 calories of hummus. Choose smart.

Take your vitamin P. “In the absence of pleasurable satiation, one of the chemicals that increases our appetite is neuropeptide Y. It tells us to search for food. It is naturally elevated in the morning, which makes sense because that’s when the body is readying itself for action. Neuropeptide Y is also elevated whenever we are deprived of food. Its presence is particularly enhanced after dieting. Whenever we sink into a low blood sugar state – which usually means we are also in a low mood – neuropeptide Y is increased and signals us to consume carbohydrates.” Yup, that just said you should enjoy what you eat; as if you needed a reason? But many people do. They deny themselves the pleasure of eating and while there are emotional and belief reasons for that, that article says that it is not good for your health.

Your blood sugar is stabilized through eating consistently. You should do your best to eat on a schedule but listen to your body above all. If you are hungry before the scheduled time and drinking water does not satiate you, eat, even if it is not time yet.

Eating keeps you slimmer. Eating helps keep your bodies hormones and their receptors normal so that they can communicate properly – think about your stomach telling your brain it’s hungry or full.

Eating a combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates at every meal is ideal. General belief is that fat is bad for you, but your body needs fat to make hormones, use fat soluble vitamins and even for brain function.

Have questions? What to know more about an issue you’re experiencing? Submit your questions or join me live on Sunday mornings on Facebook.