The poem below is what poured forth after seeing those on social media call refugees and the people that give them financial support, “pure evil”. I realized that those “Christians” need my prayers more than the refugees because they have “hardened their hearts.” A heart is softened by love and compassion.

Then I thought, weren’t those that were “out to get” Jesus considered the religious elite of their time? I wonder what “reason” they will give God as to why they behaved with hate other humans?

Next, my observation. Those considered secular are embracing oneness and shared humanity and those “commissioned by Christ” are still stuck in a duality that justifies disregard, fear, and hate for other humans. Are we not all neighbors on earth? #whatwouldJesusdo #lovethyneighbor #GodisLove.

Where are you placing your hope – in a God that influences with His love or in our human ability to rebut what we fear?

And so while it feels to me like I’m “rocking the boat”, I speak out for MY shared humanity, because one day, it could be me in need of support from another human and instead of seeing me as someone in need, they may think I’m “pure evil”. I hope not.


Today, I woke up in a bed, in a warm house.
Today, I got to go to work and earn an income.
Today, I had good-for-me food that tasted good.
Today, I had clean water to drink.
Today, I called my loved ones, heard their voices and saw their faces.
Today, I put on clean clothes that kept me warm.
Today, I accessed the internet and mined from the knowledge it holds.
Today, I listened to an audiobook on my mobile device.
Today, when I turned the key in my vehicle, it started.
Today, I didn’t have to walk 2000 miles in search of a better life.
Today, the kids I know didn’t have to sit on a mat on the curb to attend school.
Today, I didn’t lose my home to a flood.
Today, I was not punched and told it was because I was loved.
Today, my body didn’t hurt.
Today, I can vote.
Today, I can practice whichever religion I choose, or none at all.
Today, I could become a legal spouse.
Today, I get to show compassion to someone whose shoes I don’t want to walk in.
Today, I get to make food, to send via a loved one, on a plane, to an old friend.
Today, I get to smile.
Today, I get to breathe.
I get to
and enjoy,
Tomorrow I may have to go without all these things.
But today…today someone didn’t get to experience any of these,
yet they breathe,
and they hope,
and they keep moving forward,
with as much #EnjoyingBeing as they can,

Let’s Chat: Purse Snatching And Walking My Talk

Personal development is like insurance. You never know when you need it until you actually need it. I needed it last Friday.

I’m sharing this story to share my thought process and how quickly it shifted in the midst of chaos. Had this happened 10 years ago it would have happened to a different Roanne who may have had a different reaction. I am proud of the reaction I had to this purse snatching. I’m going to milk as much good from this experience.

I also plan on being there for the assailant, accomplices and their families, through this entire court process. My goal is that this young man understands that he can and needs to make better choices to have a world that is kinder to him.

See my video below and my takeaway after the video.



All world needs more love, hope and compassion. People who feel loved and hopeful don’t go around snatching other people’s purses. It is up to us who have love and feel hopeful to put more of that out into the world by our actions.

I’ll be sharing more as this progresses. Thanks for being a part of my journey.

Quote: An Expected End


For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11 KJV

Love and Politics

This post is about self-compassion and the political process in the US.

Through its established processes, the US has elected a new president. I will admit having issue with both major candidates. But I take the biggest issue with my fellow citizens. In 2016, in the United States, with so much access and options available there was only 55% voter turnout. Now I understand that many were disappointed and disenfranchised by the state of politics in this country. I also don’t know what these people’s internal story was. I’m sure to them it was very valid and I will not discount that validity. And thought that statistic is disappointing, more like embarrassing, I’m also not going to spend too much time exploring it. In true coaching fashion, I am seeking a way forward.

This election has caused fear and hate to boldly show itself in our faces. I say ‘our,’ because what people see in me may not be what I see in myself. And while I have done my best to be uplifting through this electoral season, I can only hope that was the message that came across. Most important, I believe I did my best and I am happy with that. I also say ‘our’ because the solution we seek cannot come with separatism. Success will be in finding it together.

But what if you do feel angry or fearful? What if there is tension between you and a family member or friend or neighbor because of difference in political opinion? How can we all move forward and seek solutions to our common problems as Citizens? I’d love for you to share your feedback in the comments. In the interim, here is my suggestion for a starting point – practice self-compassion.

We view the world through the lens of our own experience. It really is the only reference we have as to how things should be, could be, is. You see, folks who are hard and exacting to ourselves are typically hard and exhausting to others. Those who are loving and compassionate to themselves are usually loving and compassionate to others. This was documented in the work of social researchee Brene Brown.

Viewing the world through our  experience lens is neither right nor wrong. It’s just what it is. Looking at something in the light of what it is and not expressing any judgment requires compassion. Then, from the space of non-judgement, we can use what is, shine the best light on it, and find a way forward.

And since ourselves are the only things within our control, it behooves us to start there.

So, how do you feel about you? If you’re not sure I suggest thinking about how you feel about that person you have a difference of political opinion with. Can you bring yourself to be compassionate toward them? Note: I did not say “agree with” but what about not feeling anything distasteful toward them.

No one likes feeling judged by someone who has not walked our life path (and no one has). We have not walked in our neighbors’ shoes either, so we don’t know what brought them to their opinion. They are doing the best they can with their experience. And so are you. Be kind to yourself for that, and be kind to your neighbor. And then together we can move forward as a country; because we are all Americans.

Someone may be looking for a way to move forward. Please share this post.

We are all Americans.

Words. Love. You.


Words have so much power. We can either talk ourselves into something so more likely what happens is we talk ourselves out of it. The image above shows words that I use to live my life wholeheartedly. Words that help guide my decisions, ensuring that they fall within the realms of my goals.

Words from a world-changing woman, Oprah, were the final step to my current life’s motto – #EnjoyingBeing. It was such an ah-ha moment that it needed a hashtag. So what exactly did Oprah say? “There is no real doing in the world without being, first.”

I define #EnjoyingBeing as

1: Taking pleasure from our state in life;

2: the pre-requisite for all our ‘doing’ in life.

3: It’s living in every moment, even the bad ones, loving who you are being (active verb) on your purpose path; because out of that comes your best You and thus, your best life.

Here are two truths to go along with that.

Your authentic doing can only come out of your authentic being.

You don’t have anything to give, that you don’t have for yourself.

Now…to become the embodiment of those words.

There’s a bit of background in one of my 30-day challenge videos. Note: though WordPress embeds video, it is also on my YesRoanne Facebook page, and yes, I would love a ‘LIKE’ from you there.



Life is a journey and if we are not experiencing change, with all it’s emotions and all the ups and downs, we are not living. And to live, you need belief, you need hope. Keep seeking; the truth will always find you. I was seeking and continue to seek to build a better me, and you know something, progress feels good.

Oprah and her team did another bang-up job by creating the site that created the picture above. It  was created as a promo for the 7-day series titled ‘Belief’ that started on Sunday night (10/18). But what a fabulous way to help bring your words to life. Hop over and make your own at – use it as a visual reminder of the power of your own words. Choose. them. wisely.