Butter Bean Soup of sorts


I posted these pictures on my Instagram and Facebook of my butter bean dish and a Facebook friend asked for a recipe. Well, I rarely use recipes but thought it would be easy to type out the ingredients I used…which turned into a recipe anyway, of sorts, LOL.

There are not real measurements but here it is. And with the cooler temperatures of fall and winter coming, this would surely warm your kitchen and your tummy.

Prep dumplings first.
Flour (I used 1 cup wheat, 1/4 cup corn meal and 1/4 coconut flour)
Knead slightly then allow to rest.
When ready to add to pot, roll out to .25 inch thick and cut into small dumplings.

To a pot large enough to hold 3x the volume of the beans (so there’s space for them to expand, plus add the dumplings and extras) add:
A little oil
Onion, chopped
Garlic, pressed or cut fine
Dried Parsley, Cilantro and Thyme
Cayenne Pepper
Butter Beans (I used 1lb frozen)
Radishes chopped (5 small ones)
Cook until beans are a little soft. (1hour to 1hr 15mins)

Add Kale, chopped
Cook 20-30 more mins.

Add dumplings.
Cook 20-30 more mins.

Remove from heat. Add EVOO and any additional salt.
Enjoy; I sure did.

I’ve been thinking and penning a bean class. I heard (don’t remember where) that Americans (US) don’t eat beans because they don’t know how to prepare them. I have to agree. In the southern United States, beans are cooked with meats, which can be tasty, but if you are using beans as a meat alternative, that doesn’t help.

Would you be interested in ways to prepare beans that would be simple and most of all tasty? Comment on my social media posts (or on this blog post :-)).