New year, new…?

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I’ve never been a fan of the New Year’s resolution. Yet, there is something about the energy of a new year that begs for change. So without making a resolution, what does one do?

You make a goal. Merriam-Webster defines a goal as “the end toward which effort is directed.” Note the word “effort” in that definition. That means it takes work, action. There is also the aspects of intention and integrity or alignment, but that’s for another blog post. This one is to give you some action steps to get to and stick with your goal.

Even Evernote jumped on the goal setting band-wagon this year with the #EverBetterChallenge. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know that I love tools such as Evernote. So after checking out their challenge, I took from it some ideas to work into my schedule. After all, it’s hard to keep step with anything new for long if it so far outside of our norm of operations. Micro-changes is the term I use with my coaching clients. It’s using things you already use or do as the trigger for a small, new action. That way we have a better chance of sticking with the change.

What I incorporated from the #EverBetterChallenge was the daily check box. Well, I already used a daily checkbox in Evernote as my calendar/to-do list, so it was simple to just add these new intended actions to my daily list.

So what am I working on? Being more consistent with my cardio and meditation and tackling a few tasks that I’ve been putting off. I’m walking my proverbial 10,000 miles, one step/action/day at a time. My checkboxes are shown below. The highlighted ones are what I’ve added to my daily lists.

If you’re ready for some change, here are some steps to help you determine which micro changes to take action on.

1. Free write all your goals, big and small.
2. Sort them into what are long term goals (more than six months) and shorter-term goals (less than six months).
3. Choose what goals you are going to work on. I don’t recommend taking on the entire list, especially if you’ve been a resolutions quitter before. #nojudgement
4. Choose and write actionable steps for the shorter goals list. These are the micro-changes you will incorporate. 4a. Get specific. Name the what, where, when and how. 4b. Then have a backup plan. An example from my list is to do 10 minutes on my rebounder every morning before breakfast. Some mornings are not so straight forward, so my back up is to do it as soon as I get back home. The best part is being able to check it off my list for the day.

You may notice I didn’t put “why” in the list above, but it is very much worth taking time to consider. What is your motivation for that goal? It’s okay if it’s something short term like losing 5lbs to fit into a dress for an occasion, but keep digging for something deeper. You’ll then have a bigger reason, something pulling you to go further and stick with it for longer.

Do check out the #EverBetterGroup on Facebook or google the #EverBetterChallenge. And if you prefer to walk this journey solo, I’d like to offer you the perfect non-human companion, the #EnjoyingBeing Goal Journal. It will walk you through determining your goals and help you stay on track daily.

Also, I hope you’ll include a goal for your health. After all, not much else matters when our body doesn’t feel good.

Wishing you much success for 2019!

❤ Roanne


The poem below is what poured forth after seeing those on social media call refugees and the people that give them financial support, “pure evil”. I realized that those “Christians” need my prayers more than the refugees because they have “hardened their hearts.” A heart is softened by love and compassion.

Then I thought, weren’t those that were “out to get” Jesus considered the religious elite of their time? I wonder what “reason” they will give God as to why they behaved with hate other humans?

Next, my observation. Those considered secular are embracing oneness and shared humanity and those “commissioned by Christ” are still stuck in a duality that justifies disregard, fear, and hate for other humans. Are we not all neighbors on earth? #whatwouldJesusdo #lovethyneighbor #GodisLove.

Where are you placing your hope – in a God that influences with His love or in our human ability to rebut what we fear?

And so while it feels to me like I’m “rocking the boat”, I speak out for MY shared humanity, because one day, it could be me in need of support from another human and instead of seeing me as someone in need, they may think I’m “pure evil”. I hope not.


Today, I woke up in a bed, in a warm house.
Today, I got to go to work and earn an income.
Today, I had good-for-me food that tasted good.
Today, I had clean water to drink.
Today, I called my loved ones, heard their voices and saw their faces.
Today, I put on clean clothes that kept me warm.
Today, I accessed the internet and mined from the knowledge it holds.
Today, I listened to an audiobook on my mobile device.
Today, when I turned the key in my vehicle, it started.
Today, I didn’t have to walk 2000 miles in search of a better life.
Today, the kids I know didn’t have to sit on a mat on the curb to attend school.
Today, I didn’t lose my home to a flood.
Today, I was not punched and told it was because I was loved.
Today, my body didn’t hurt.
Today, I can vote.
Today, I can practice whichever religion I choose, or none at all.
Today, I could become a legal spouse.
Today, I get to show compassion to someone whose shoes I don’t want to walk in.
Today, I get to make food, to send via a loved one, on a plane, to an old friend.
Today, I get to smile.
Today, I get to breathe.
I get to
and enjoy,
Tomorrow I may have to go without all these things.
But today…today someone didn’t get to experience any of these,
yet they breathe,
and they hope,
and they keep moving forward,
with as much #EnjoyingBeing as they can,

Finding Ease Through Courage

the ability to do something that frightens one.
strength in the face of pain or grief.
synonyms: bravery, courageousness, pluck, pluckiness, valor, fearlessness, intrepidity, nerve, daring, audacity, boldness, grit, true grit, hardihood, heroism, gallantry, guts, spunk, moxie, cojones, balls.

In the past couple years, it’s been a huge emotional queue when I land on my One Word. This time, I was listening to a Goalcast video with Oprah giving a speech at a graduation (I did not note which school). She shared these tips. 1 – Know who you are and what you want. 2 – Be of service; and 3 – Always do the right thing…and that’s when it became clear, immediately followed by a little fear and some tears. I want more ease in my actions and my being (my other One Word option), allowing miracles to flow into my life in greater quantity and that, that ease, was going to take courage. Courage to act when I don’t feel like it and when others don’t. Courage to admit I need help and ask for it. Courage to speak up, to take action, to believe. 2018 will be the year of building my courage muscle.

And if you haven’t guessed by now, my One Word for 2018 is COURAGE.

Did your One Word find you? Come share and maybe even get some inspiration in our Facebook group.

Events on tap – December 2017

I’m usually a bit weary of the phrase, “I’m so excited!”, probably just from hearing every Network Marketing Leader or personal development coach say it when announcing something new…but alas, I’m so excited!, LOLZ  to invite you to my workshops happening in December. Yes, I said it. It felt right lol!

First, a FREE One Word Workshop on December 3rd at 5 PM. I’ve used One Word for five years and I love it more each time. It’s much more than just picking a word at random that may sound good to you. There is a process and you must take the time to do it or you can miss the intended mark. One year, I rushed through my process and my results were just so-so, while the other times, they were life-changing. It’s totally free but you must register for the workshop at

Then there’s Ready. Set. Goal. A guided goal setting workshop using my not-so-secret tool – this Goal Journal.

I this workshop you will:

– set wholistic goals for your life because every part of our life affects the other;

– ‎learn the single most important thing in setting goals;

– ‎Learn what to focus on;

– ‎receive tools to help you stay on track toward achieving your goals;

– have ‎Post-workshop support in our Facebook group.

There are several options when you visit

Tis the season for family, fun, and getting ready for the new year. It’s my goal to make it my best yet; let’s do it together.

What’s one goal you want to achieve in 2018?


Kickstarter Update

Hey guys, Happy Monday. I’ve posted an update to show what the hole punches will be like in the binder version of the goal journal. This will give you a better idea of what to expect.

See the update and the entire project at Rewards are available to select until January 7, 2017. Please comment and share to social media; and thanks for your support in getting this campaign funded.



Taking Pride In What Really Matters

There is a 26 year old woman in the office where I work. I love looking at her going about her duties. She reminds me of my days as a 26 year old Administrator at the Port Authority of NY & NJ.

The biggest difference between me now and me then is my level of self love. It has grown exponentially over the years from an almost nonexistent level. It took work but that has translated to more self-belief and more self-confidence.

I took a lot of pride in my work then. I still do but the difference is that I now I take pride in what really matters. Here is a then vs now comparative list to give you an idea.

The job I had vs how well I do the work.

Where I live vs how I contribute to my community.

Who I associate with vs how I relate to the humanity in others.

Most people at the end of life gain great perspective on what really matters. We can a much more satisfying and happy life if we approach our decisions from that same perspective.

My Kickstarter campaign is live with rewards only until 1/7/17. Visit and thanks for your support.

Launched! #Kickstarter

It’s official! My Kickstarter project is live! Take a look and share with a friend.

Goal Journal: a simple tool to live happy. #EnjoyingBeing, via @Kickstarter

Quote: Courage Does…


Courage does not always roar…Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, “I’ll try again tomorrow.”  Mary Ann Radmacher

What Would Be A Good Reason…?

…to not finish my project?

The past month has felt like “the obstacle is the way”*. I have been working toward birthing my latest project and it’s been one bump after the other. The most annoying thus far is the internet problems happening at home; which I discovered again when I come home tonight. So after fiddling with the router for 30 minutes, off I went to find WiFi.

While driving to my local McDonalds, to make use their WiFi, I wondered to myself the question above. It took my half of a second to answer, “NOTHING!!” It would be a sad day to explain that I didn’t finish my project because there was no WiFi at home. Really?!?!?!?

Yet, how often do we allow the inconvenience of things to slow us down and even stop us? Admittedly, at 9:24PM on any night I’d rather be at home, but here I am…

Working at #McDonaldsPalmetto

What inconveniences are you letting slow or stop you?

*a stoic philosophy