New year, new…?

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I’ve never been a fan of the New Year’s resolution. Yet, there is something about the energy of a new year that begs for change. So without making a resolution, what does one do?

You make a goal. Merriam-Webster defines a goal as “the end toward which effort is directed.” Note the word “effort” in that definition. That means it takes work, action. There is also the aspects of intention and integrity or alignment, but that’s for another blog post. This one is to give you some action steps to get to and stick with your goal.

Even Evernote jumped on the goal setting band-wagon this year with the #EverBetterChallenge. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know that I love tools such as Evernote. So after checking out their challenge, I took from it some ideas to work into my schedule. After all, it’s hard to keep step with anything new for long if it so far outside of our norm of operations. Micro-changes is the term I use with my coaching clients. It’s using things you already use or do as the trigger for a small, new action. That way we have a better chance of sticking with the change.

What I incorporated from the #EverBetterChallenge was the daily check box. Well, I already used a daily checkbox in Evernote as my calendar/to-do list, so it was simple to just add these new intended actions to my daily list.

So what am I working on? Being more consistent with my cardio and meditation and tackling a few tasks that I’ve been putting off. I’m walking my proverbial 10,000 miles, one step/action/day at a time. My checkboxes are shown below. The highlighted ones are what I’ve added to my daily lists.

If you’re ready for some change, here are some steps to help you determine which micro changes to take action on.

1. Free write all your goals, big and small.
2. Sort them into what are long term goals (more than six months) and shorter-term goals (less than six months).
3. Choose what goals you are going to work on. I don’t recommend taking on the entire list, especially if you’ve been a resolutions quitter before. #nojudgement
4. Choose and write actionable steps for the shorter goals list. These are the micro-changes you will incorporate. 4a. Get specific. Name the what, where, when and how. 4b. Then have a backup plan. An example from my list is to do 10 minutes on my rebounder every morning before breakfast. Some mornings are not so straight forward, so my back up is to do it as soon as I get back home. The best part is being able to check it off my list for the day.

You may notice I didn’t put “why” in the list above, but it is very much worth taking time to consider. What is your motivation for that goal? It’s okay if it’s something short term like losing 5lbs to fit into a dress for an occasion, but keep digging for something deeper. You’ll then have a bigger reason, something pulling you to go further and stick with it for longer.

Do check out the #EverBetterGroup on Facebook or google the #EverBetterChallenge. And if you prefer to walk this journey solo, I’d like to offer you the perfect non-human companion, the #EnjoyingBeing Goal Journal. It will walk you through determining your goals and help you stay on track daily.

Also, I hope you’ll include a goal for your health. After all, not much else matters when our body doesn’t feel good.

Wishing you much success for 2019!

❤ Roanne

Lifestyle Prescriptions® and ThermoBuzzer™ starts June 1.

Starting June 1, I will be offering Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching, in-person or via Zoom. Yay! You can reserve a FULL complimentary (aka FREE) Wholistic Lifestyle Prescriptions® Coaching session. Yes, you read that correctly. To celebrate my online launch, I’m offering launch pricing until August 31 with complimentary full sessions during the entire month of June to those who are a part of my email tribe (Join here). Complimentary sessions must be booked online by June 9th and only through this link:

 Interjection: Insta follow request at Thanks. Now let’s continue.

So what is Lifestyle Prescriptions®?
This is a wholistic coaching method that finds the root causes for why you don’t feel great. It uses healing arts and science to identify a mind-body-social cause for symptoms. This addresses you as a whole person because everything in our life affects everything else in our life, even our health. I then guide you in resolving these challenges to your health. Along with providing personal support, I use non-invasive, wholistic and energy techniques. Between sessions, your body and mind have time to adjust and regenerate, and you have time to implement your personalized Lifestyle Prescriptions® bringing change that sticks and feels good.

An example of a thermo scan.

ThermoBuzzer™ will also be available June 1st, with introductory pricing. ThermoBuzzer™ Mobile Imaging System combines cutting-edge mobile technology with infrared imaging to visually demonstrate stress imbalances via the autonomic nervous system. It’s the perfect educational and monitoring system for peak performance, longevity and prevention screenings. ThermoBuzzer™ is:
No contact
No radiation
Indicates under/over function, blood flow, inflammation and imbalances caused by stress.
Highlights pre-disease conditions that can easily be addressed with a Lifestyle Prescription®.

Bonus: Until August 31, you will get five (5) Thermobuzzer™ scan images when you book any Lifestyle Prescription session or package. This is only available when we are in the same vicinity. Sorry, it doesn’t work over the internet. But, I do plan on being between NJ and SC, and even Vegas and VA over the summer. So if you’re even curious, don’t hesitate to connect because Thermobuzzer™ travels.

If you are reading this on my blog or on the WordPress reader, that does not mean you are a part of my email tribe. Please make sure you are in by 6/1 at You will not get double emails if you use the same email as previously.

Walking into 2018 like…

As I left the Panera Bread I realized that a shift happened, though I can’t pinpoint when (like with most personal growth). Yet, the way I walked through that space and time a few minutes before was different.
I was confident and open.
I was at ease.
I realized that though I went through the year without earning much, I lacked for nothing. Everything I needed had been provided one way or another. I realized that I did not have to compromise my lifestyle (eating and living non-toxic). I realized I had places that I belonged to. I realized I was loved and cared for. I realize that I was happy belonging to myself. I remember how at times I was unable or uncomfortable spending $15 on lunch or at other times felt undeserving of someone spending that on me. But at that moment I realized that I was enough in my imperfection. That I was neither broke nor broken. That I was abundant and whole, the way my Creator intended it. That I belonged in my life and my calling.

As I sat in the parking lot checking my phone, I opened up an Instagram message from my friend @thisgirlnamedjoy and it was this…

Yup, I’m owning that!

To 2017 I say, “thank you,” for the fun memories and the learned lessons.

Alright 2018, show me what you got. I’m ready to step into an even greater path in my life. I’m ready to own my calling even more. I’m ready to walk the hard trails and the easy paths with the same openness and enthusiasm. I’m ready to be scared and excited at the same time. I’m ready to create more impact and embrace all the fallout that comes with that. I’m ready to be a better Roanne. I’m ready to shine.

Things I like: Royaltie Gems

#ProximityMarketing |

My curiosity often gets the best of me, and every so often, it leads me to something pretty cool. Recently, it’s the Royaltie Gem; and it’s making the next advertising frontier, mobile devices, accessible to everyone.

Without spending hundreds of dollars on app development, you can automatically promote your business on every nearby Android phone. Hooray!

Say what!?! Yes. #exciting. If you are a business owner, can you imagine the reach? The applications to your business? The increased customer engagement? The increased revenue?

This is how it works. A tiny wireless device called a Royaltie Gem is sent to you. You decide the promotional message you want to broadcast. The Royaltie Gem sends your message to every nearby Android smartphone. Simple.

Royaltie Gem Proximity Marketing Device Why Android phones? In December 2016, there was a change in the android operating system that allowed for nearby notifications. This is not yet available on iPhones. However, Android represents 60% of the North American smartphone market and 85% of users outside of North America.

The Royaltie Gem is battery powered and lasts two years. It does not require cellular data or a Wifi connection. To receive Royaltie messages, the phone just needs Bluetooth turned on. Are you one of the many people who already keep their bluetooth on to connect to their headsets, vehicle or other devices?

There are no set up fees. No hidden fees. A $50 deposit and $29/month for three devices. There is an additional shipping charge outside the US. That’s it. It arrives up and running. Actually, one of the best testimonies I’ve heard is of a gentleman getting page views while his Gem was in transit to him.

The Royaltie Gem provides:

– an automatic way to promote your business on every nearby Android phone;

– unlimited messaging included in the low monthly fee;

– a simple way to connect with people you would not have otherwise.

I have not even received mine yet, but I’m excited. I’m also excited about the two-tier affiliate earning opportunity they provide. To find out more about the affiliate program, schedule a call with me.

Or click to check out the Royaltie Gem now.


Disclosure: I am a registered affiliate of Royaltie Gem. I only share products that I have used or have no reservation about using and the opinions expressed are fully my own.

One Week, Endless Possibilities For All Kids (3/20-27)

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As a child, what lesson did you learn that had the most positive impact on the adult you?

For those who know me, even a little, know that I have the most amazing nephews and god-daughters, and I’ve worked with kids since my teens. I definitely hold a space for them because I’ve been blessed to have some caring, giving adults bless me with positive life lessons while growing up.

While creating what turned out to be my first Kickstarter, the Goal Journals pictured above, I held the idea of doing something for kids, because I want the amazing little people in my life to be uber successful at their lives. Then Kickstarter launched an #allin1 campaign for March. Maybe it’s my lack of resistance for a design challenge or just good timing, but it was the ideal restriction* for me to move forward with the design of the Kiddie Version.

The plan is for it to be a digital product so you can print and work on one goal after the next and replace the sections as needed. You’ll be giving exceptional value to your kid whether working on a goal for the month or the school year.

We know how quickly kids grow out of clothes, or if their like one of my nephews, you can identify his pants by the holes in the knees. But with this Goal Journal, your child will be growing into the habit of achievement. And remember, pursing goals is proven to increase our happiness. Best. Investment. EVER!

Be ready to jump in and claim your reward starting Monday 3/20 as the campaign runs for one week only. Click to preview the Kickstarter page. You’ll find the (short) timeline, the initial preview of a couple journal pages and and you can leave me feedback or questions there too.

So, can you think of that positive lesson you learned as a kid that is most beneficial to you as a grown-up?

Get notified when this project goes live.

Launched! #Kickstarter

It’s official! My Kickstarter project is live! Take a look and share with a friend.

Goal Journal: a simple tool to live happy. #EnjoyingBeing, via @Kickstarter

Failure or Detour



A couple days ago, I posted about Pessimists, Optimists and Realists. Realists acknowledge the situation for what it is and proceed proactively to make the best of it.

This approach allows them to alter course as needed, something essential to a successful life. Last year I left my job to pursue Network Marketing full time. And I did for nine months, full time. My financial progress was not what I thought I would have so I scaled back to part time and sought employment.

My take always from those nine months have me continuing to pursue a non-traditional income path. I acknowledged my situation for what it was and sought the best option for my continued progress.


Onward and Forward.

This past year of my life I’m going to call ‘post jump.’ It’s been a little over a year since I left my well paying job with benefits to move to a different state and work on making me better. To say it’s been an interesting journey would be an understatement by far. It’s been amazing!!! and scary and fun and everything else in between. I wrote in my journal today that while I’ve now chosen to pursue my own path which is uncharted, instead of a previously charted path (ie traditional full-time employment, Network Marketing, etc), I’m more excited than ever to see where it goes. I would have never though that the planner in me would be excited to walk an unknown path; but then again, life is change.

I have several resources that have been helpful to my on this journey of change; one being Marie Forleo.  While watching an episode of MarieTV, her and Seth Godin talked about things that were already on my to-do list so I took that as a sign to kick my gear up a notch. Four action steps came out of that.

First, a 30-day blog challenge: a daily blog post, every day, for 30 days. Blog everyday? I can’t seem to blog every week. But, I guess that’s why it’s called a challenge and I will thank/blame Seth Godin for this idea. The man posts every day. Last year, about this time, I did a 30-day video challenge and the outcome was great; but I let my love/hate relationship with social media win out and was all to happy to quit at the end of my 30 days. However, this is a different platform, let’s see how this party turns out.

Second, Seth talked about “buzzer management”. Ever notice that the contestants on Jeopardy ring in before they have the answer? Its committing to do something before you have the bits and pieces together; like my 30-day blog post challenge, or leaving my job and moving to another state without any set income. Can you say, “jump!?” Here’s a link to Seth’s blog post about buzzer management.

Taking this kind of action does have its benefits, one being creating greater urgency for you to commit to and execute your action plan. Its literally do or die.

Third. Checking out how to set up my Kickstarter was on my list to do. Notice, it was on my list, not what I was doing. Then Seth talked about Kickstarter in the best context, calling it “Kick-finisher,” because it comes after you do all the legwork. It was a reminder that I was supposed to be doing my legwork. So off I went to explore Kickstarter and what I need to do to set up a campaign. PS: Not much to mention about my upcoming campaign now, but soon 😉

Fourth. There’s one more thing checked off my to-do list after watching that video: a list for my blog with my favorite #EnjoyingBeing resources . It will start with a link to this pretty neat interview that gave fuel to my actions. Thanks Marie and Seth for the wind in my sails. And to you my tribe, click the video below to get to the list. You’ll find a direct link to this video under ‘MarieTV’. Enjoy!




Ready! Set! Summer! 5 Tips To Gain A Business Advantage.

It’s here! My latest magazine publication!

Remember those goals you started the year with? Don’t let them die in the heat of the summer. This article is a quick read with tips to help you stay on track and get geared up for the fall.

So Ready! Set! Summer!  

I’m also excited to support my new ‘home’ community and it’s business leaders via Diversity Works. It’s a magazine for the socially conscious and responsible worker at any level. It’s vision is too ”create a more collaborative world wherein we practice diversity on a more balanced basis.”

Click the image below to read the full article on page 16 of the July 2016 issue of Diversity Works Magazine.

Hint: type in page 18 when viewing online.

Diversity Works article by YesRoanne