Let’s Chat: Purse Snatching And Walking My Talk

Personal development is like insurance. You never know when you need it until you actually need it. I needed it last Friday.

I’m sharing this story to share my thought process and how quickly it shifted in the midst of chaos. Had this happened 10 years ago it would have happened to a different Roanne who may have had a different reaction. I am proud of the reaction I had to this purse snatching. I’m going to milk as much good from this experience.

I also plan on being there for the assailant, accomplices and their families, through this entire court process. My goal is that this young man understands that he can and needs to make better choices to have a world that is kinder to him.

See my video below and my takeaway after the video.



All world needs more love, hope and compassion. People who feel loved and hopeful don’t go around snatching other people’s purses. It is up to us who have love and feel hopeful to put more of that out into the world by our actions.

I’ll be sharing more as this progresses. Thanks for being a part of my journey.

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