Minding My Expectations

Sunday night, I left with my family for a two week trip to the country of my birth, Trinidad and Tobago.

Pretty cool, right? I thought so. At first.

Four boys, 10 and under, plus two of my siblings, together, for two, whole, weeks.

Maybe I sound a little ‘not’ excited. Well, not maybe, my excitement was there and then it was not. I saw all the challenges, and broken things, and missed activities and squabbles and emotions…need I elaborate?

But this is something I was looking forward to for months, so why the agita now?

Inspecting what I’m expecting.

When we are disappointed, it is most often because an expectation we had was not met. The disappointment is out reaction to a percevied loss. But what if we change what we were expecting? Would that help us perceive the situation different?

I am usually expecting organization and things going smoothly, and easy travel. I am a planner after all. I do scheduled. I do preparation. I do checklists. But with four boys, 10 and under, that expectation is not even making out the front door.

So I released, and revamped my expectations to everyone making it back home alive and with all their body parts. No really, I’m not holding any expectations for timing, forgotten items and all the other craziness that can accompany traveling. I will prepare as best I can and whatever happens, happens. My intention is to roll with it and do my best to keep Roanne easy and joy-full.

Emotions are magnetic.

Our departure day came and unfolded amazingly well. While things threatened, like my brother thinking we were leaving the following day and things happening a little off schedule, we were out of the house, everyone and everything in tow.

Our transit was not without hiccups. As I am typing this, everyone including me is sleep deprived and seems to have an attitude. Me, I am not without my feelings, but I am staying mindful, breathing and minding my words and emotions.

Every life experience is a mix of all the good and all the bad. No one has the misfortune of having only good. There is no growth there. For that knowledge I am grateful.

So as we start this epic family trip, I expect lots of laughter, sweat, broken things and missed schedules. I expect an experience my nephews will never forget and will want to repeat in the near future. I expect challenges and joy. I expect to use EFT and yoga. I expect #EnjoyingBeing. I expect to re-read this during this trip to help me keep my perspective.

One thought on “Minding My Expectations

  1. “I expect to re-read this during the trip to help me keep my perspective” – Hahahaha!!! I *so* get this. Reminds me of when I had a total of 17 family members in my home for an entire week over the last Thanksgiving holiday! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Hope you had a wonderful time on your trip, in spite of any mishaps! πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

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