Let’s Chat: from my belly to my teeth, diabetes and enzymes.

The problem with my teeth came back. Well, it didn’t just come back, I allowed it to come back with my actions – mostly consuming too much sugar. Let me be clear: it’s not necessarily the sugar passing over your teeth, but the effect sugar has on our gut that causes problems with our teeth.

Sugar and our gut? There is mounting evidence, more like mountains of evidence that so much of health is affected by what happens in our gut. Too much sugar puts a strain on our pancreas and liver and causes havoc for our little bacteria friends living in our gut. It is not the sole cause for conditions like SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), but with the predominant lifestyle and diets of today, it is a big contributor. There’s a really good article on SIBO here.

Diabetes came into the picture after having a conversation with a friend who’s diabetic and he commented that he wanted something to help tone his liver and get rid of the fatty deposits in his liver.

So I asked him is he gets a film on his teeth after a meal? And his answer was as I suspected, “Yes.” My next question was “do you sleep through the night?” and as suspected, he did not. He then mentioned a tooth problem he had a few month ago. I then had one recommendation for him to help his sleeping, liver, teeth and in the process, his diabetes.

Enzymes. Specifically a multi enzyme supplement.

Enzymes are like little constructions workers, they break down and they help build. And you need multiple ones because they all have a specific job they do. Protease breaks down protein, lipase breaks down fats, amylase – carbs.

Unless your eating plenty of raw, organic vegetables then chances are you need a multi-enzyme. When not breaking down your food, they are helping with tons on other functions in your body, including cleanup. Enough enzymes means your digestion is better, which reduces bacterial imbalance and overgrowth in your intestines which leads to a host of other issues in our bodies including leaky guy, immune dysfunction.

But what about access to the nutrition you are giving your body. If it’s not getting broken down properly, then you are not accessing it and it can’t do anything to help your body be better.

My personal testimony has to do with taking an enzyme before bed. I’ve talked before about your liver and sleep and if you are not sleeping through the night a good enzyme formula before bed will help aid your liver function (which at night is to detox) and will help you sleep better. A few years ago while on my healing journey from a-fib, there were periods of time when I would wake up every 1-2 hours during the night. One huge helper was taking a couple enzymes before I went to bed.

I told my friend I would grab some recommendations for him and I thought, why not share it with you all to0. My recommendations are based on products I have used or have no reservation about using.

NOW Super Enzymes 180 Capsules – I love that is has Ox bile in it for additional gallbladder support.

Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System 180 Vegetarian Capsules – this has great herbal compliments in it.

Garden of Life O-Zyme Ultra Ultimate Digestive Enzyme Blend 90 Vegetarian Capsules

And of course, here is the Let’s Chat video; do like it, share it and leave a comment.


I found an interesting forum thread on the same subject of diabetes and enzymes.

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