30 Days In: #100daysofselfies

When I would take selfies prior to my #100days of #selfies challenge, I would often crop my face. My thought was that I’m known for my hair and everyone will know it’s me by my hair. Cute, right? BUT what I didn’t realize is that I was shrinking. Shrinking from the spot light, shrinking from the stage, shrinking from sharing the love I want to be in this world. I was subconscious, but it was shrinking none the less.

Thank God for awareness because shrinking is not what I want for the good things in my life. And that is not the mindset I want my nephews and god-daughters to learn. I want them to live big lives. I want them to be change makers.

I want them to be open to a full human experience, including not getting hung up by their emotions. Not every day have been a joyful selfie experience; there was one day in particular. But because teaching is best done by our example, I must live ‘not getting hung up by’ my emotions. And so even through my less than desirable emotions, I #persisted.

Moving forward, I promise to not shrink – not just in my selfies but in my life. I know it will not always feel easy and exciting but full out is how I promise to play. It’s the example I want to teach by.

Come follow my journey on instagram.com/yesroanne.

So what do you think?

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