You can have your cake and eat it too…

…just healthify it first.

I took a late nap one afternoon and woke up about 8pm. A bit late for me to have a full dinner, but I know I needed to eat something. So I decided to help myself to that hot chocolate I’d been wanting for a couple days. Here’s how it went down.

Healthified hot chocolate

14oz of hot water

2oz of a good dark chocolate bar

1/2 TBS of cocoa powder

1/2 TPS tumeric powder

1/2 TBS ground flax

1 TPS raw coconut butter

Whole milk to your taste

Add all ingredients to Vitamin/blender and let it rip. No extra foamed milk needed.

I’ve been healthifying my food for over 20 years now. Instead of denying our cravings and then bingeing on said food that we were craving, I think it is better to feed that craving in a healthier way.

While my hot chocolate was absolutely delish, it was choked full of benefits too.

  •  Brain, liver and hormonal support in the fats of the coconut butter, flax and chocolate.
  •  These also provide satiation without the bulk and excess calories.
  •  Flax also has lignans that provides estrogen support.
  •  Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support for the tumeric, cocoa and coconut butter.
  •  The heat (temperature) supports functions such as digestion, absorption and elimination.
  •  Vitamin P – the pleasure of enjoyment. See this post –
  •  No toxic junk because I know exactly what went into my hot chocolate, unlike a lot of supermarket-shelf products.

I could drink this every night and not feel like I’m sabotaging my wellness. I did add a slice of homemade soda bread, toasted in the skillet with butter. Happy tummy!

Do you have a favorite healthified food/recipe? Share in the comments. I’d love to give it a try.

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