Let’s Chat: Allergies (Seasonal)

Photo via onegoodthingbyjillee.com

Does the thought of spring make you start to itch and sneeze? Are your visions of cherry blossoms seen through watery eyes? Spring brings a natural season of change to our outdoors and as we are part of the larger ecosystem, there is change happening in our bodies too. Spring is a perfect time to take detoxifying action because our bodies are naturally sheding the layers of winter aka detoxing. This was what I talked about in my most recent Let’s Chat live. You can find an archive of all these videos here.

One organ that plays a major role in allegies is your liver. Your liver is one of your body’s major filters and it can become overwhelmed. Now this overwhelm may not show up in a standard blood test as a liver issue, but allergies are definitely a symptom that points to your liver. My personal experience shows that when I do things to support my liver’s detox process I can avoid any allergy experience. I also had someone remark to me that they experience allergies typically after they have a drink (alcoholic). Alcohol puts stress on your liver and so the allergic response was not surprising.

One of the simplest things to help not just our liver, but our bodies with the detox process is a 20-minute foot bath with epsom salts and baking soda. Epsom salts alone will help, but combined with the baking soda, has a more detoxifying effect. A simple dishpan or basin, warm water, one part baking soda and three parts Epsom salts is all you need for this.

I did mention two additional assisting processes in the let’s chat video – castor oil packs and enemas. While I did not share much of how-to, you’re welcome to send me any questions you have about those.

While helping our bodies into a state of better health, we can reduce our allergy symptoms by being mindful of what we put in our mouth. Reducing your sugar and dairy will help greatly. Both of these can be inflammation producing in our bodies. In my experience raw milk, whole milk with added enzymes or organic, free-range eggs does not cause me to have an allergy response. But venturing into the area of ice-cream is something I avoid in the thick of the pollen season.

One other thing I find very helpful is the little bottle pictured here:


I find using a traditional netipot to be very uncomfortable for me, but this nasal wash bottle that I got at my local Walgreens works like a charm. It even came with the saline packets to add to water. For safety, I do recommend boiling any water you’re going to use for your nasal wash.

One last thing I did was purchase a bottle of local, raw honey. Honey, like all foods have amazing properties, but you can only access them if it un-heated. Getting it as local as possible to where you live is helpful because it is produced by bees that feed on the same compounds you are inhaling in the pollen. It is unclear if its this pollen content or the antibacterial, antiviral or antioxidant action of the honey that helps, but it is part of my regular spring regimen.

Do you have something natural that helps you overcome seasonal allergies?

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