Let’s Chat: My Wellness Philosophy


the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

My wellness philosophy is summarized as:
“If we were not born with an ailment or illness, more than likely you don’t have to keep it. Just because your parents had it, you don’t have to make it yours.”

Let me say that I am not a medical professional; but being a medical professional and knowing about wellness do not always go together. What I do have is my own journey from and to wellness. I am also consummate consumer of health information. In my teens, my magazine of choice was Self, not Seventeen. Plus, I grew up in the Caribbean (bush tea anyone?) and I grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist church which has a robust health message.  So here is a little of what I’ve learned.

Our bodies are all connected. I like to say that your head bone is connected to your ankle bone. You see, sometimes we may be experiencing a symptom in one area – say your arm, but the cause of it may be coming from the stomach, spine or even the feet. Sound strange? If your stomach is not digesting properly it can cause a subluxation in your spine (a misalignment or pressure in the area of your spine) which can in turn interrupt the signal to your stomach to properly digest your food; but the problem is not in your stomach, it’s in your spine. The spine issue can come from walking too much in the wrong shoes. However, the next thing is your on a regimen of antacids because you have heartburn but it’s really that your not digesting properly.

There are three main areas of wellness and they all support each other:
– Physical: includes structural elements such as chiropractic care and exercise;
– Nutritional: supports physical and emotional health (vitamins that support body during stress;
– Emotional: it is proven that stress causes physical ailments in our body and happiness can improve your health. (emotions, growth, contribution)
You cannot separate and treat them individually, as traditional medical practice does because they all lean on each other.

For example, a deficiency electrolytes will cause dehydration which in turn makes they mind sluggish which makes us reach for junk food and makes us unable to make the decision to eat foods that help improve you electrolyte balance. Junk food further aids the imbalance in our system and thus we don’t feel the need for water or minerals and thus the cycle continues. But we may notice the brain fog and visit the doctor for that; get a pill which causes more dehydration because drugs leach minerals from our body and so on and and so on. But paying attention to our bodies as a whole and seeking the cause of our ill feelings and learning about how our bodies work will benefit us greatly.

So what about things that are hereditary? I ask, “is it really hereditary?”

There are diseases that are truly hereditary because they are truly genetic and are based on your inherited genes ie. most people that have them are born with them. The more common dis-eases such as diabetes and cancer and not hereditary and are more about lifestyle, than genetics.

The field of Epigenetics has increasing evidence that our gene expression is up to us and doesn’t just happen automatically. Epigenetics is defined as the study of how your genome expresses itself. Your DNA is surrounded by epigenetic tags or the epigenome. The epigenome dynamically responds to the environment. Stress, diet (as a noun, not a verb), behavior, toxins, and other factors regulate gene expression. That means, the way your genes express themselves, especially in illness is based on what you do and how you live. Let me translate that for you; “We don’t have to succumb to many common illness/diseases /syndromes.” That gets me excited!

I shared a little of my health challenge and wellness journey in this Facebook live. Be sure to friend me and join me on Sunday mornings to chat about health and do share the video with someone you love.

So what do you think?

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