Let’s Chat: Real food

One very important aspect of wellness and health is what we feed our bodies. We can eat to enjoy as well as eat to live. Now, I’m not telling you want to eat but in my Sunday AM health chats, I will be, sharing information to help you choose what is best for you. Last Sunday I talked about real food on my Facebook Let’s Chat Live.

Simply, real food is food that is close to it’s original form.

There is a such an outcry regarding GMOs but there is no outcry over foods whose chemical structure has been altered. Altering the food in anyway affects the way your body interacts with it. It’s chemical structure is not the same and you can’t expect you body to recognized it the same. And while there are affects touted as positive such as less absorption for sugar into your body, there are also

Think for a moment of something that says “sugar free” yet it tastes sweet? Or low fat, yet it’s creamy? There is obviously something in the food that create the sweetness or creaminess if there is no sugar or fat? Yes there are sugar or thickener alternatives that are not the worst thing for our bodies. But sugar free and low/no fat are definite red flags for me.

The best thing to do is become a label ingredient reader – reading the ingredient list on each label. The front of the label is designed to sell the product, not educate you or even give you the straight truth. Food is photoshopped just as much as models are. You must turn over the package and read the ingredients, not just the nutrition facts. If you are not a label reader, start now! You don’t have to know what everything is and you don’t have to panic about things you can’t pronounce. But you do need to start reading and getting used to the words/ingredients that appear on labels. See an example below.

What to read on a food label
If you have questions and want to take your wellness and health in a positive direction, join me on Sunday mornings at 8:30 on Facebook.

So what do you think?

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