Let’s Chat: Wellness and Health


It’s so easy to be stuck in what Oprah calls our “little mind”. After all, we can tangibly relate to what we see there. However, the ‘little mind’ eventually becomes a source of discomfort and we have to go through a period of personal development. It is always uncomfortable to do that, but the other side of that challenge is always sweet and filled with self love.

I believe that one of the reasons there is so much sickness in our world today is that people do not embrace personal development. Our bodies are great signal senders. It gives us slight warnings, ramping up the severity if we don’t pay attention.

Usually, a small change in diet, behavior or thinking can resolve the slight warning such as headaches, indigestion, body aches, minor allergy symptoms to name a few.
But it is admittedly hard to cut our something you’ve done for a long time. It’s not your fault, your brain is wired to look for what it knows.

Yet, we can avoid many health disasters if we pro-actively change when our bodies say so. We can choose to make change in our lives. Choosing doesn’t make it easier, but should you love yourself enough to want to be better?

I’ve been inspired for a while to share the knowledge I’ve amassed over the past 13+ years of bettering my health and the past 20+ of just reading and learning. But it’s only in the past week that I feel convicted to and so I will be doing Facebook lives on Sundays at 8:30AM. The first one happened here. I talked about real food and how it affects our body.

Send me a friend request so you can join in or just go straight to the Your Picture of Health group to get in on the Q&As. I’ll see you next Sunday at 8:30AM.

Do you have something you’d like me to address? Comment below with any questions of suggestions.

So what do you think?

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