In You Must Go: An Illustration of Trying.


My nephews have blessed my life with some much love and so many lessons. Here’s one on taking action aka trying.

For this post, let me define ‘trying’ as ‘taking action’. You see, my now eight year old nephew,¬†for the past three years, would pitch a fit, more often than not, when he came upon a challenge in his school work. It’s as if he had a fear of trying. A word he didn’t know would lead to a melt-down if I asked him to spell it first.

But here is evidence that our little people do hear us, even when they don’t act like it. I kept saying things to him such as, “It’s always hard before you try,” “If you don’t try, you’ll never get it,” “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to try.” Last night, after breaking his first board in his Taekwondo class, he said, “I had to punch it three times at first. I tried. I tried my hardest.”

I could not contain my excitement with him just talking about trying. Now he has yet another real life illustration that taking action in the direction of the challenge is the only way we can move through hard things. This is not to say the we must live in action until we burn our (that discussion is for another post). This is admonition that to overcome a challenge, as Yoda says, “In you must go.” #proudauntie

So what do you think?

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