Down To The Launch Wire

Keep Calm and Kickstarter

This week finds me setting up my Kickstarter campaign. Though I’ve done my research prior there is nothing like the act of doing. Creating the campaign has me really examining the development of my project and growing conviction for how it will help others.

Simplicity is what I’ve hung this project on. But as a recovering perfectionist, I find myself sliding down the slop of over thinking. I’m just glad I can catch myself and move on.

I had an art professor who said, “You never really finish a piece, you just abandon it.” That is a statement that’s alway stuck with me. An illustrator/designer/creator can rework a project forever but at some point they have so say “done”, basically making the decision to abandon any further re-working of their creation.

This is where I am; and I’m admittedly trepid and excited.

Sign up to get a heads up when I launch. (Update: We are live!)

Now, I’m going back in.


So what do you think?

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