Things I Like: My Lunch Crock Is No Crock

I’ve been on the hunt for a bowl-type thermos…to no avail. Then, I ran into the Crock Pot Lunch Crock at my neighbor Ollie’s. After my first use I was sold. After my second use, I’ve found a new love.

The Lunch Crock is for warming food, not cooking. But where there is heat, this foodie will find a way.

I had a small butternut squash and decided to give it a go in the lunch crock. I peeled and cleaned the squash and added it to the crock with a little coconut oil, seasoning and salt. After attaching the lid, I plugged it up for just under four hours, checking it twice over that time. The squash was 85% to the way I like it. I left it unplugged over night and with another 1.5 hours of heat before lunch, it was perfect.

I was even able to warm my roti (bread) with the radiant heat from the container.

Now, I’m scouring the internet for recipes. Not much luck thus far but I think I can pre-prep a rice and veggie bowl to be finished in my new tool. Ooo, oatmeal. I think I will put that in tonight.

This post was not paid for endorsed by Crock Pot or Ollie’s.

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