7 Days of Thanks: Day 6

Today I’m thankful for…

…my happiness journey, which has not been easy or smooth. But if it had been, I would not have a story to share and I would not have learned the lessons needed to grow. I would not be the ‘me’ I am today.

In my early twenties I would have severely disagreed with you about this being my “happiness” journey. My mom was in the throes of aggressive rheumatoid arthritis. I felt like I carried the weight of my family and seeing and hearing my mom in pain made it all the heavier. Of course God doesn’t leave us destitute. I had an amazing circle of girlfriends and a couple sister-friends that helped bouy me through that time. I won’t say it was happy but it was full of hope.

The first time I spent several days in the hospital because my heart was beating irregularly was definitely not happy. I was downright scary. The episode happened on and off for several years. During that time I spent a lot of energy and money repairing my body from the emotional and physical stress I allowed to run my life while I was operating in my earlier belief system. Thank God we can choose to change and grow.

While these things were not fun and not what I would call ‘happy’ moments, they do serve several purposes including giving perspective to what is truly important in life. I’ll explore the benefits of embracing your journey and story in another post.

Embracing my journey made it possible for me to be in better health today to celebrate my mom’s XXth birthday. While she was proud to say, I’m not sure she would appreciate me putting on the internet so I’ll play it safe. The journey was hard, but we are some much healthier and happier because of it.

The best definition of happiness I ever heard was this – “Happiness is a feeling about your feelings.*” Take a moment and think about that today. We can choose our feelings and I hope you choose to be happy.

*cannot recall the source or find it on the internet. Will update when I can.

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