7 Day of Thanks: Day 5

Today I’m thankful for…


…the miracle of living in 2016. This is the most fortuitous time to live as a human; except maybe before what is known biblically as ‘the fall’.

Think about the conveniences we have in life. I was looking at my nephew picking videos on YouTube to Chromecast to the TV. At his age, we did not even have a telephone in our home and there were only two channels on the TV.

This is also an amazing time to live because almost nothing is off limits. Access to information is a simple and an internet connection and even a dial-up one will get you that. You no longer need tons of money to start of business. You can travel to almost anywhere in to world in just two days. You can live any lifestyle you wish too (safety may require you to choose a different location but it’s possible).

Living in 2016 allowed me to quit my job to pursue Network Marketing and then change course mid-stream to pursue sharing my own vision – which I am preparing a Kickstarter campaign for. I would love for you to check it out when it’s live so drop your email in here as I’m working on a special treat for my blog tribe.

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