7 Day of Thanks: Day 4

Today I’m grateful for…


…my family. I wish I could be with them more but I’ll settle for two and a half hours on Skype together.

Moving several states away from my family was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The voice of my then then two year old nephew asking, “Where are you IE?” was so hard to hear for the first couple months.

But change is required for growth and I would not go back on making that change. The past year of my life has fostered so much growth in me that I’ve even seen the impact of that on my family. I was in a better place to support them in emotional matters, while giving me self care in the process (something that would have fallen by the way side before).

Our family relationship has not always been peachy and perfect, but the bond that is family has been constant. Family love proves that you can love without agreeing on everything. Besides, most family disagreements (in my observation) are because our family members are not not doing what we want them to do.

In this season of giving and thanks, I encourage you to let go of your expectations from your family and to accept and love them at whatever state in life they are. We really all or just seeking love and giving more is how we get more.

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