7 Days of Thanks: Day 2

Today I’m grateful for…


…my previous health challenges. I may not be the fountain of hard-earned natural health knowledge that I am.

In my mid-twenties I started experiencing depression. I didn’t know what it was at first, I just knew that the sadness I felt was not normal for me and it would come on without warning and for no good reason. Eventually, and with the aid of being mugged, anxiety joined it’s bedfellow.

To my benefit, I was raised in communities that supported natural healing and since my teens, I’ve been doing my own reading about health. So when the depression started, I started digging to find out what it could be and how I could fix it naturally.

I did okay by myself for a while. But life got a bit more challenging in the next few years and I eventually had my first major episode of atrial fibrillation. My body was so depleted at this point that it took me three months to be somewhat okay to go back to work. Within a year, it happened again and that’s when I sort out my integrated doctor. Ten years later, I have nothing but love for this woman.

It took work of course, and time, but I believe that if I had not followed a natural path, that I might have a pace-maker or had heart surgery, probably be on dialysis from the all the meds that I would have amassed or I may not even be here to write this post.

That is not to say that things don’t come up for me, but because of my health journey, I can usually connect the dots and address whatever it is quickly. Or, at least I know where to go or call for help. Plus, my regimen keeps me proactive about feeling good. No artificial medicines required.

**written while sipping my homemade water kefir**

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