How To Change Other People.

I live by the belief that everything needs a place or it does not need to be in my living space. That does not mean I’m the neatest person alive, but I can put my hands on what I need when I need it. My sister, not so much.

This came to a head for me after I started weighing the option of moving in with her after I sold my condo. I was well on my personal development journey by then and I knew that I could not make her do anything in the department of organization, or in any area for that matter. But how was I going to live in a space that was not in alignment with what I preferred?

I’m not sure why it took me almost thee months to make a firm decision – maybe it has something to do with our ego’s protective nature that feeds our resistance to change. But eventually, I made a decision.  That was three years ago, and I will admit that sometimes the thought of “how can I influence change in that situation” still comes up; and I don’t even live there anymore.

So what did I decide? I decided to just be happy with her and love her where she is. That was not a terribly hard things to do as my sister is pretty awesome. What it did do, is raise my happiness level and smoothed the path I was walking as the resistance on that path was mine, not hers.

Think for a moment of how many times in our life, we allow ourselves to get hung-up on what other people are doing and how it’s impacting us. And the easy thing to do, is to adjust ourselves to the situation. That could mean changing you or even extracting yourself from the situation. You can only control yourself. Choose that and you’ll definitely raise your level of #EnjoyingBeing.

I will admit that from my end, our relationship is way better that before my decision. The only way to truly influence change, is to be the change we want; a lesson I pray we as humans learn.


So what do you think?

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