Shame, Scarcity and Comparison. Now that’s a mouthful. If you’ve ever read and heard Brene Brown, you’ll recognize these three as what shows up when you live #DaringGreatly. Every time I explore Brene’s work, it hits a different cord with me. Right now, as I work on putting our my first ‘big girl’ piece of work into the world, scarcity and comparison are driving the shame train. The best thing about working on personal development for over five years is that you get better and taking the controls and relegating shame, scarcity and comparison to the passenger car.

Today I realized that one of the biggest helps in my life is that I consume a lot of positive media (books, talks, etc) and almost no standard media (tv, movies, popular music). We are what we consume. Literally. If you feed your mind with drama, even of the TV variety, it’s mostly either for numbing or escape. With that you are disconnecting and that’s worst kind of consumption, because you are not conscious of how it is impacting you. And what about the news – most serve up ‘fear on platter’. So for me, I’m just very selective about what news I consume because I do want to stay objectively informed.

I believe that part of living my best life including doing work I believe in my heart, is true and makes a elevating contribution. This is by no means an easy task. People’s protective egos partner with shame in an attempt to keep such work at bay. But I have an internal call to do this work, which means that I must do it despite the rhetoric hurled by shame, scarcity and comparison; despite the opinions of other egos. And I promise to give no less than my best. I promise of do it #DaringGreatly.

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