Compassionate Draw Back

People will give back to you the intention and energy you put out, even when you slip a little.

I had been focusing on being more compassionate to myself. A challenge for the perfectionist and planner in me. There have been so many things pointing me toward that as a step in my personal growth including a session with my integrated doctor where the exact words out of her mouth were “we could all practice a bit more self compassion.”  So that became my intention.

On last Monday at 4:45AM, as I boarded my flight, I knew I was not 100% #EnjoyingBeing. I was tired from my travels and drained from my period. The flight was pretty full and I had a window seat. “Excuse me,” I said with a smile. The two ladies that were seated returned bright smiles. As they vacated their seats so I could get in, they even offered to help with my bag, which at that point, would not fit under the seat. I tried to keep my cool but I could feel myself frazzling. So back out the bag came and with the help of a flight attendant and without much more details, the luggage was squared away and I settled in for what turned out to be a good flight with good conversation.

These two ladies were so kind and compassionate durng what felt to me like an ordeal; a small one, but an ordeal all the same. I had slipped away from my intention and hight emotions, but God put the right people in my path to lift me back to my joyful heights.

When our heart is in the right space, it can draw our mind back when it wanders.


So what do you think?

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