A Call To Love, No #safetypin Required

This is a call to love. Especially to my religious friends, now is the time to personify your beliefs. Its time to hold a loving space for yourself and those who need it. If you’re not sure how to hold the space for love, here are some examples of what you can do.

No saying, “I told you so.” Saying it just rubs it in and that’s not kind.

Be kind to your neighbor no matter how different they are. At the core, they are human, and like you, they just want to be happy.

Smile at people, even the ones you don’t like. It will brighten your day.

Choose to hold your tongue. Not everyone who disagrees with you requires a lesson. Besides, if you have an opinion, why can’t someone else have theirs?

Imagine what it would be like to be in someone else’s shoes.

#Safetypin not required. As a woman who is also black, I posed a question on my Facebook page of wether I should wear a safety pin or not. (Find safety pin symbolism here) . Do note that I have some amazing people in my circle. You can read the entire discourse at this link, but here was my response to my question.

“…though I have been a target in my life (and maybe because of that) I feel it necessary for me to be a safe haven (and protector) of those who need it, no matter the race. Just today I was faced with a situation where a white family (mother and children) were in need of a safe haven. (Tears) Hurt and pain does not see skin or economics. Call me naive, but I long for a world where we could just love our neighbors. Safety pin or not, I will not live in fear. I will stand by who needs it, no matter your social classification…my voice works and I can speak up. My legs work and I can stand up. And I give great hugs :-D”

Speak out against hate and hateful behavior. If you see someone as the object of another person’s hate and you don’t wish to be in the place of the person, neither do they. Speak up. Stand next to them. Show love.

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