Looking For The Good


Louise Hay says, “Your thoughts create your life and thinking positive thoughts around a negative outcome in your life will help to create a more positive outcome to occur going forward.”

I am ever the optimist, but I think it’s time for me to grieve. Grieve because I feel loss. I’ve lost the glimmer of pride I had in becoming an American citizen. I was proud that I got to live in the country where people clambered to come to because there was a chance at opportunity for them.

I grieve, not because there are so many hurt people in my world but because it seems too many are not seeking a way our of their hurt. I grieve because I see these hurt people, hurting people because that is all they know.

I grieve because too many people are disconnected and content.

But I grieve with hope.

One of my greatest wishes is that we as Americans will own the responsibility for our own happiness. No person getting into any position can improve your life or happiness. Their job is to serve the masses, not you or your household specifically. No-one has ever been 100% happy with any leader and I don’t see that starting now. A society where the quality of your life is determined by who is governing is a not a democracy. A democracy requires participation and ownership of yourself and your actions. I pray we all step up and take ownership.

So what do you think?

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