Use Your Vote Or Loose Your Freedoms

​”We know someone will win and the others will lose. People will be upset, others will celebrate. You’ll see a lot of people completely lose control of their emotions and rational. Don’t Let That Be You! 

Regardless of the outcome or which team you’re on, it’s important to remember how to maintain a positive and peak performance state of mind during highly emotional times when things feel out of your control.” ~ Jairek Robbins.

Especially on today, election day in the US, in one of the most heated and hated contests in recent history, we have to keep our heads and our hopes up. Remember that love always wins, no matter who wins the election. Hate fights hard, but never stands strong for long.

Most importantly, vote. Use the right that was hard won for every US citizen, or risk loosing all the comforts that come with the privilege of being a citizen.

The world is watching closely. Let’s give a good example of how democracy works. Use your vote or loose your freedoms.

Sending love to everyone. No exceptions.

~ Roanne

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