Find Blessings In Every Story

When I visit my family in New Jersey, it’s always a whirlwind trip. The getting there, the too many things and people to go see and get done; but always a great time with family and friends. Admittedly, the busyness of it can get overwhelming, but in the same breathe, there are always many blessings.

Here’s one from my most recent trip (which I’m still on).

I opened my laptop to find 5% battery life remaining. So I dug our my charger and connected it. Nothing. I moved to another outlet and plugged it in. Nothing. I tried another and another. Nothing. I suspected that my computer charger – which if you are familiar with apple plugs of late – had been on it’s final string and had separated to the point of not longer transporting a charge.

So, to find a charger and preferably one I could pick up in person.

Luckily, there are several Apple stores in a 20 mile radius of Jersey City, with one store just four minutes out of the route we were taking to Schenectady, New York. So off the family and I went, picked up my new charger and continued the three hours to my NY destination. When I arrived and opened the box, the connection was not the correct one.

A lucky blessing again, there was an Apple store, 20 minutes from where I was and they had the correct charger.

I was tired and would have preferred to not spend another hour to get the charger, but decided I needed to just get the getting over with. During my drive to exchange the changer, I realized the blessing in this happening now. If I was where I live in South Carolina, the closest Apple store is least an hour and 30 minutes away so my option would have been to drive three hours (I’ll take 40 minutes over three hours) or wait at least a couple days for one to be delivered by mail.

It feels good to type this blog post on my fully charged laptop courtesy of my new charger. #blessing

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