Do You Believe That Things Work Out?


Meditation is a tool of living #EnjoyingBeing. The practice of meditation teaches us to observe your thoughts which gives us the ability to shorten the turnaround time from the stressful emotions of challenging situations to moments of joy.

I had a change in my schedule which put me in a bit of a crunch. I had made a reservation for a luncheon and thought it ended up being a time squeeze, I went to honor my reservation, to do the right thing. Well guess what? They didn’t have my RSVP so I was able to leave and go attend my other appointment. The additional upside is that I did not hear the usual ‘beat myself up’ story in my head because I operated with integrity. Wait, there’s more. I was concerned about meeting my client at her lunch time but not eating with here, but I ended up getting to eat with her.

Then as I’m driving along musing about how things work out, there’s a roadblock. Literally, a block in the road. And not easy way around it without driving the three whole minutes back in the direction I came from. My moment of truth came quickly as I was able to pay attention to my thoughts and realize how quickly I was turning away from the good thing that just happened.

I was at a point where I could choose to continue experiencing the highest the good and trusting that it would work out or to just get stuck in the “Oh my gosh I have a roadblock”. Isn’t that life?

When we get better at not getting stuck in our usual, self-depreciating story, then we can live like the quote in today’s picture, “and suddenly without my forcing, without my begging, while I was being, Joy came upon me.” ~ eminor. #EnjoyingBeing.

So what do you think?

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