Paying The Price For Your Happiness

One thing that deterred me from pursuing my previous business but part was the belief that to have the success I wanted I had to pay the same ‘price’ as the other successful people in that industry. Actually, it was MY belief that the price was too high and that I was already pretty happy. In light of the previous health challenges I’ve had in my life, following the example of other leaders was not the path for me. My health is more important because without it, I can’t enjoy any success.

This exploration of happiness has led me to where I am today, preparing to launch my first tool. I’m still keeping it under-wraps for now. But I would like to share some questions for you to ponder. There is no wrong or right answer; just be honest with yourself and explore the responses that come up for you.

  • On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you?
  • What determines your happiness?

I would love to hear your answers in the comments below.

**Written while enjoying a castor oil pack on my liver/gallbladder.**

So what do you think?

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