Off the wagon, and happy.

Yup, it happened. I missed a day!! Not even half way through. I should have…

That’s how the story would have unfolded in my head. But it went a little differently.

Oh man! It’s almost 10 and I didn’t post today (as I just got home from a 12 hour work day.) I don’t want to miss a day. I can do it. I can write something. Let’s see. (Decided to think about what to write while I prepped food for work the next day). Before you knew it, it was 11:30PM and I decided that posting was not as important as going to bed. So I decided that I was going to release me from posting AND from feeling bad about not posting.

And it almost happened again today. You see, I made last minute plans to extend my travel this week, so the logistics of my travel changed and left me with a little less time to get ready to travel twice as far and for longer. But what about my #30dayblog challenge?

Well, here it is. My blog post with just one day missed. And the best parts are:

  • I didn’t stress myself out about it;
  • I didn’t quit.

This served to illustrate a good lesson: that the biggest enemy we have to our success is between our ears. It’s our own thinking aka the stories we entertain in our head. Sometimes they originate with us, sometimes they come from other people’s opinions. However, we have the power to keep rehearsing them or to change them. It’s your choice. Chose your own happiness. Sometimes that means missing a blog post.

So what do you think?

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