What Would Be A Good Reason…?

…to not finish my project?

The past month has felt like “the obstacle is the way”*. I have been working toward birthing my latest project and it’s been one bump after the other. The most annoying thus far is the internet problems happening at home; which I discovered again when I come home tonight. So after fiddling with the router for 30 minutes, off I went to find WiFi.

While driving to my local McDonalds, to make use their WiFi, I wondered to myself the question above. It took my half of a second to answer, “NOTHING!!” It would be a sad day to explain that I didn’t finish my project because there was no WiFi at home. Really?!?!?!?

Yet, how often do we allow the inconvenience of things to slow us down and even stop us? Admittedly, at 9:24PM on any night I’d rather be at home, but here I am…

Working at #McDonaldsPalmetto

What inconveniences are you letting slow or stop you?

*a stoic philosophy

So what do you think?

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