Allow Monday or Feeling The Shift.

I always had a soft, constant, lingering sense of nervousness while I was pursuing network marketing. It could be that I was pandering to public perception or just my own self doubt or that I didn’t make a complete decision even though I think quitting my job couldn’t be any more complete with regard to my decision LOL.

Now, I feel a sense of calm and excitement about my new path, as unbeaten as it is. That could be the benefit of making, as Lisa Nichols says, a “nonnegotiable” decision. I think it’s also bringing myself into alignment with the true me. It was deciding to do work that is true to my intuition and my solar plexus.

I got here, not by pushing like I was doing with network marketing, but I got here by allowing. Allowing happens in quiet times where you can listen to your intuition and follow your curiosities. In the quiet space where you connect with the power that created you. In the space where your heart is happy for no external reason.

So, Happy Monday. I hope you enter this work week allowing. Allow yourself some time and space, even just a snippet. You’ll be amazed at what you find there. You just might find you.

So what do you think?

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