Pessimist, Optimist, Realist.

In general conversation we are often presented with the Pessimist and Optimist as opposite sides of the same coin. But what if it’s not even a coin?

The Realist is often left out of this equation which is unfortunate because according to Hyram Smith in his book, “You Are What You Believe,” the Realist are the survivors in the long run.

Pessimists count themselves out and Optimists eventually turn into pessimists when the situations persists beyond their good feelings. Realists on the other hand acknowledge the situation for what it is and proceed proactively to make the best of it.

I believe that we can be all three at different times and for different situations. Does that view make me a Realist? What do you see yourself as?

One thought on “Pessimist, Optimist, Realist.

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