Knock, knock…not funny.

Ran into this very appropriate sign right after leaving the bathroom debacle. It will make sense after you read the rest of this post.

I didn't say it was your fault I said I was going to blame you
My fellow Americans, have you lost your damn minds?!?! Or maybe I didn’t get the memo that we no longer need to have self-responsibility?

This post was birthed when a woman remarked to me, “I’m so sorry you didn’t lock the door,” or “I’m so sorry. You didn’t lock the door;” (I’ll never be sure which it was) followed by, “I’m so embarrassed.” These words came after she opened the door, to the single-stall bathroom I was in. Disclaimer: I’m super grateful that I was not in a compromising position, more for her sake than mine.

I want to start with her embarrassment. What causes us to be embarrassed? It is the stuff we believe about ourselves. Which means that no one else is responsible for your embarrassment but you. People can do things with the intention of embarrassing you, but it’s up to you to choose to be embarrassed by it or not. Now in this case, my lack of action had no intent toward embarrassing this woman. The only logical reason I can summize for her embarrassment is that she didn’t knock before opening the door. More about this later.

Second was her initial statement. Now, that could have been one or two sentences, but from where I was standing it sounded like one. Let’s say it was two sentences. The first sentence would have been an apology, the second would have been the placing of blame. Say it was one sentence, then it was just completely placing blame. Either way, the blame landed in my court. I accept that I did not lock the bathroom door. BTW, no embarrassment on my part.

Which brings me to the question — what happened to the good ole practice of knocking on a door before you enter? Especially in public!! Does anyone know about that anymore? Have we lost all courtesy and manners? Funnily enough this no-knocking, door-opening happened to me at the beach three days before. In that case, I was on my way out of the bathroom anyway so it was of no consequence. Though in comparison, there was an apology with no placing of blame. A much more pleasant experience lolz!

This no-knocking-on-public-doors thing wouldn’t be a point of thought for me, except that this election year has escalated the its-everyone-elses-fault-but-mine-syndrome to a point that it’s just madness.  I can’t get a job because the economy/jobs are had to come by/Obama/blah, blah, blah… This isn’t working in my community because the young people/the neighbor/the church/blah blah blah… This is surely not a matter of courtesy or manners but one of self-responsibility. This is the United States of America, founded by people looking for freedom and a country that for the most part, has freedom at the core of its operation (for better or worse). Yet, in 2016, it seem Americans have just handed over the very thing that people willingly laid down their lives for to any authority that they think should handle it for them. When do we say, ” I am going to do something about..,” and take productive self-action instead of finding a thing or person to blame?

***Leaves to go back to creating the life she loves.***

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