Peace In Gratitude

So how is it that I did not know about the International Day of Gratitude? Yes, tomorrow, September 21st is the International Day of Gratitude. There a little history on it here. What is super cool, is that September 21st is also the International Day of Peace. Gratitude and Peace – two things that enhance each other. Think for a moment, how you be grateful and angry at the same time? Or grateful and hateful at the same time? Plus, I’ve never seen someone grateful and miserable at the same time either.


I hope you take a moment to express gratitude today, hopefully to someone who least expects it. It can be in deed or even just in word. I promise you’ll feel better for it and together we can elevate the vibration of love on our planet – even if for one day.

Do know I am grateful for you, my tribe. For the beauty and diversity you bring. Come share what you are grateful for on my Facebook page. I’m excited to see what you share…some reposting my occur ;-).




So what do you think?

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