What’s Regular For You?

This post is not about bowel movements, though I would totally be game to talk about that, you know, for the health aspect and not the gross factor. Looking out on the open space that is McBee, SC while having lunch and realizing that  with my trying to stay ahead of the fall work rush, the regularity of my blog posts have fallen off.

At first, I was not sure if I should feel any sort of way about it. This  sort of thinking starts to happen more frequently the more your meditate or practice mindfulness. But my habit of pleasing was creeping up and I started leaning toward the feeling-bad-about-it side. I quickly realized that there were two people to please when I create a post – myself and you, my blog tribe.

And how do I please both? By publishing good content. Simple. So the question of time and regularity was really not a question to consider because it is most important for me not to publish crap.

How often do we let dogma or expectations from none-contributing parties determine our pace? We can only give our best when it comes from the truest place within us. I don’t want my blog posts to put your BS meter into gear so whenever I post, every 3 days or every 3 weeks, know that it is because I am moved to share and I hope you find value in it.

But since it’s been a little while, I do hope you all had a fabulous August, enjoying every last drop of summer, depending on where you live; we’re still have 90+ degree days in South Carolina. I know I sure packed my last couple weeks full of family and fun; something that I keep as a regular part of my life ;-). Check out my four nephews, cramming themselves into a tiny blow up tent, pretending it’s a spaceship. Oh how I wish we would all live life as fully as children do. #EnjoyingBeing.


And with that, I want to leave you with a couple questions. Please weigh in on them.

  • For my blog writers, what is important to you when you write/publish?
  • For my blog readers, what is important to you when reading a post?

So what do you think?

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