Let me first say that I have not seen the documentary #iamnotyourguru… YET!

I have no outlet for watching TV in my house (on purpose) and so that is mostly why. I absolutely plan to watch it though, when I visit my brother in a few weeks. I mean, it’s Tony Robbins after all. And I did watch the entire Facebook live – both streams, as the first was interrupted – all hour and thirty minutes plus of it. Here is the link to the longer video.

What Tony talked about was a perfect parallel for living #EnjoyingBeing – living your best life now and enjoying the process of getting better.

One of the biggest take aways I got from Tony was that “We let our thoughts rule our feelings.”  I’ve heard one too many people say “But I can’t control how I feel.” Really? Why do you then wear certain clothes/makeup/jewelry? Why eat certain foods? Why go certain places and be around certain people? It’s ALL to make us feel ‘good’. ‘Good’ can be everything from happy to in-love to peaceful. So if we do things to feel good, why not just make a choice to feel good?

Let me say that I have had a personal prolonged experience with anxiety and depression. And this is in no way a prescription for people with serious mental illnesses. What I do know is that things happen in life to make us experience sadness, but we don’t have to become sadness; it doesn’t have to be what we identify ourselves as. When we choose to let circumstances dictate our emotions, we give up our free will to those circumstances, and sometimes they don’t even have a face. Do you follow? We give up our freedom of choice to a faceless circumstance when we choose to believe that we have no choice about our feelings.

Tony said, “What you focus on you feel.” Ding! Ding! Ding! What are you focusing on? Are you spending five hours a day watching the same news story over and over? And you listening to the same friend, complain about the same problem, for the umpteenth time? Is the story of your life’s trials on auto-repeat in your mind?

What typically happens is that we get all this input from external or internal sources and we attribute meaning to them. As a human, we interpret and attribute mean to circumstances – it’s our endless search to understand and connect with life around us. So, what meaning are you giving to the thoughts playing in your head?

From that meaning, we derive our emotion. If we think it’s a positive thing, we feel happy. If we think the outcome or meaning is negative, we feel down. This is where we can make a choice. Even if we make a mistake and screw something up, we can choose to either beat ourselves up about it OR we can choose to be at peace with it. Yes, you will have emotions – bad and good – but where are you choosing to dwell?

Tony gave a good illustration regarding our thoughts. It’s also explained in this verse:  The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9 KJV. I can imagine a parent now, in 2016, having the same thoughts and concerns Mary, the mother of Jesus had.  The same concerns, the same wishes, the same fears, have been had by parents about their children; business owners about their clients, lovers about their partners. Yup, no new thoughts.

What’s different is that now we know that our thought don’t dictate how we feel. We can “live in a beautiful state.” Tony does a helpful exercise if your skip to about the 58 minute mark on the video. Give it a try. I think we could really life the emotional state of our world if we took back our free will and chose to do something about our own state of #EnjoyingBeing.

I have to acknowledge Tony Robbins for being the change he wants to see in the world. After doing his work for so long, Tony is still a student. Always looking for a way to learn how to up-level his game and thus his life. If this is the only lesson we take away from this, it would be magnificent.

Our advantage is love.


So what do you think?

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