MWR Life; What Is It?

It’s been almost five years since I ‘accidentally’ got started in the Network Marketing industry. It’s been a journey for sure – of challenge and growth and fun. I’m surely not where I started – personally or professionally. One great thing is that there are so many company options to be affiliated with, you can definitely find one that fits well with you and your life. For me, it became MWR Life.

MWR Life is a 2016 Top 85 Global Direct Selling company that offers essential consumer services such as family roadside assistance, 24/7 telemedicine, instant legal access, financial coaching and tech support, as well as lifestyle enhancing travel, shopping and dining programs offering something for everybody. So what does that mean?

Practical, useful services.

Who would have thought that packing up and  moving to a different state would require me to find a lawyer. However, 3 weeks after my move, when my belongings had not yet delivered and my calls to the movers were going unanswered, I was super glad to have access to legal services with no initial out of pocket cost. I could pick up the phone and consult with a lawyer on what action I could take and a get a discount on any extra legal services I need.

I took my four nephews out from a fun time, with savings too. I was able to use my Shopping and Dining discounts for savings on the activity we did and the dinner we had after. I love that I can pick coupons I use from our grocery discount option and that I don’t just get a random selection of coupons. I also frequently use the shopping site for product and gift card discounts. It’s great to have it all in one place because looking in fifty different places takes away too much time from life and fun. This is the type of service and access available through MWR Life.

Gift gards
Part of my haul from using our discount shopping site.

MWR Life Shopping savings


Leverage your time for income.

Leverage means to use (something) to maximum advantage (Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary). For people looking for additional or replacement income, MWR Life is a huge benefit. Some companies are built with a party/demonstration plan which means you have to sample or demonstrate products which can take you away from home and other activities. The upside is you can do your demos on a schedule you set. For me however, and the mobile lifestyle I desire, I’d rather not demo any products at all. MWR Life, being services based was an ideal fit. I could share the information via phone or internet whether I’m in New Jersey, South Carolina or globe trotting.

Talking about leverage, if you had a guaranteed $500 in additional income each month, what difference would that make in your life? One benefit of the MWR Life compensation plan is the $500 monthly income guarantee that you get at just at the second promotion level. This is just one example of the generousness in this compensation plan. There’s so many more including a car program that you can access way before getting to the top level of the comp plan. And I must mention getting paid daily. And there’s so much more!

Network Marketing is a business model proven for over a century, but it is now gaining ground as a respected business model. If you are looking for an opportunity to fill your income gap or replace your income, I invite you to check out how MWR Life is making wealth real.


So what do you think?

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