Happy Daddy’s Day 2016

Happy Father's Day from @YesRoanne

I have many reasons to build a financially abundant life that also has time freedom. One is that my dad lives in another country and getting on a plane is not on his agenda. I can’t say if it’s a fear thing or not because my dad is alway so relaxed about everything. One of his main stay phrases is “No horrors,” which is a colloquial way of saying, “everything is awesome.” There are times it annoyed me, but which daughter do you know that could ever stay mad at a dad who was fun and loved you to pieces. #daddysgirl through and through.

So today, salute all the dads that are doing the best they can, even if your kid can’t see it right now. My brother belongs in that category. I see the frustration he expresses sometimes and when I can, I remind him that he just has to do what he wants his kids to do (even when it’s hard, and without saying a word), because that is exactly what they will learn to do. Be open, be honest, be fully you with love and that will make you the best dad ever!

Happy Father’s Day!

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