Evidence for Joy

When you look for miracles, that’s exactly what you’ll find. In my last post I talked about my ‘Joy’ muscle getting stronger. Dr. Joe Dispenza gives a simple explanation that I use to explain in part, how the law of attraction works: feelings are magnetic. In other words, you must feel the feeling you expect to feel when you get the ‘thing’ you want to get, before you get that ‘thing’. It’s okay if you have to read that twice. But understand that the feeling will draw it to you like a magnet. Here is my evidence for joy.

Ro on Alliance

I spent a four-day weekend in Virginia: two days with my sweetheart and two days with my nephews and their parents. The only thing on my schedule was a yoga session with my brother on Saturday; otherwise it was a trip open to spontaneity and enjoying the love IN my life. If you remember from my last post, I’ve been actively flexing my ‘joy’ muscle, looking for the miracles in my life and boy did I see them that weekend.

Thursday afternoon was made up of a quiet dinner and the History channel and long conversations. #Love. With no set plans for Friday either, we had breakfast and set out on a scenic drive down the Colonial Historic Parkway. We ended up at the historic waterfront of Yorktown, VA. Between the quaint shops, architecture and the boardwalk, it’s a spot I could easily spend a day.

While strolling, a docked schooner caught my sweetheart’s attention, so off we went to check it out. Before you knew it, we were boarding for the 2pm sail.

He spent many years in the maritime industry and has a soft spot for old-timey ships. When we would take long walks at Liberty State Park and he would point out the different types of sail ships scurrying about on the Hudson River. I used to imagine us enjoying an evening sail in the harbor.

This was not exactly the Hudson River, but I think it was better. Less things to distract from being in, and, enjoying the moment. PS: The ship was called Alliance. The captain and his crew were super nice too.

The Schooner Alliance and her beautiful sails.

The next day I set off from Williamsburg, VA to the meet my brother in Newport News.

I love thrifting. I stocked most of my first kitchen with amazing finds, from designer to antique at very little cost. The last time I was in Newport News I discovered the DAV store. Jackpot!!! So pulled out my GPS to map my way past the DAV store on the way to meet my brother, because if I’m driving past it, then I just have to stop wink wink. To my pleasant surprise, there was one about 1.5 miles away in Williamsburg. Well, I guess I have to check that one out…so I did.

To grasp the miracle I found there, you must first know that last week I looked online for a deck of Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay, finally deciding that the extra $15 was not in my spending plan for the week. But there, in the back corner of the DAV store, underneath some greeting cards, was a immaculate box of Power Thought Cards for $1.98.

I’m pretty sure the gasp that escaped from me was audible. I did walk around a bit more, finding several other steals.

Yes, there’s more, but first, a picture of my haul. :-).


Before heading to VA, I got a hair-brained idea to plot my drive with a stop at a beach in SC or NC. The best I could do added three additional hours to my trip. While the beach was calling my name, the extra driving was not, so I abandoned that plan.

After waiting for my brother, way past the time we were supposed to meet, I decided to make sure all was well and discovered that they were all at the beach. “So, am I invited?” I asked. “Sure, we are…” was his reply; about 20 minutes away. So I quickly grabbed by swimwear (I never travel without it) and headed to join them.

Fun, sun and a wonderful afternoon with loved ones, and I didn’t have to drive an extra three hours and I got to spend it with family.

On the way back to my car from the beach, a decal caught my eye on the back of a suv. It was an appropriate cherry on top of an afternoon spent with my ohana.


Rumi says that what you seek is also seeking you. Seek fear (hate, racism, terrorism) and that is what you find. Seek love and miracles and they will find you.

So what do you think?

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