‘Face’, the Photo Challenge.

Maria Jannson challenged her fellow bloggers to share a photo of a face so here is my face, up close and personal. The only make up I’m wearing is mascara.

Fifteen years ago I would’ve never taken and posted a picture like this without using a few photoshop brushes. I battled acne most since my pre-teens and way into my adult life. I still have scarring from it. Yes, the line of products I use externally and internally has transformed my skin. But even more so, is the intense personal development I’ve gone through in the past five years.

Would you believe that I was not in love with my smile? People would comment on my beautiful smile and I would denounce it because I didn’t believe what they were saying to you. My internal world is so different now. It is much more happy and peaceful and that makes my external world different also. I love looking at my face and my smile. And, I love sharing my smile freely and abundantly.

You can drop by her blog for other linked faces or share a link to your own. Smiles appreciated.

@YesRoanne #EnjoyingBeing

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