Grilled Chocolate Cheese

Yes, you read the title correctly.

I first saw a picture of a chocolate grilled cheese sandwich about four years ago but was not very impressed with there recommendations. However, my taste buds were so taken with the idea of it, (and being the chocolate snob I am) I had to rework it to my liking. I present to you – THE grilled chocolate cheese sandwich a la YesRoanne. Scroll down for the recipe.








2 slices of your favorite thick-cut sourdough bread

3 slices Havarti cheese or

3 slices of Sharp cheddar cheese (or mix the cheeses for more depth or flavor)


Thin Dark Chocolate (I used Dove Chocolate Discoveries Pure Dark Sea Salt Rounds)



Heat a cast iron skillet (or whatever you will be ‘grilling’ the sandwich on.)

Lightly butter both sides of each slice of bread.

Put the bread-face that will be the inner sides of the sandwich face down on the skillet until very lightly toasted, then flip.

Now, lay two slices of cheese, then chocolate, then 1 slice of cheese.

After 60 seconds, place the ‘empty’ slice on top to close the sandwich. Flip until your preferred level of toasting is achieved.

Enjoy every last crumb.


Have you ever had a chocolate grilled cheese? What substitutions or additions would be to your liking? Comment below.

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