Know your calling, not your path.

cliff jumper

This past week has been interesting – but when you’re trying to create your preferred life, every week is interesting.

I went in search of a job this week…gasp! It took me about 20 times before the words could even come out of my mouth. If you haven’t been following me, you may not know that I quit my ‘cushy’ government job last year to move to a different state. It was a huge jump, but one I could put of no longer. The push of the smog and traffic and on and on…was past the point of too much. And I wanted that freedom lifestyle. Since then, the twists and turns of my life feels like it have been leading me away and not toward that.

Do what you have to, until you can do what you want to.  Tweet: Do what you have to, until you can do what you want to. Tweeting is caring.

Not sure where I heard that, but it became very real to me this week. I cannot yet financially do what I want to, so in the meantime, I must do what I have to…aka…get a job. I feels better to say, look for paid employment. As of today, I waiting for my background checks to become a Substitute Teacher in South Carolina. This seemed the best option for me to keep my flexibility and continue working on what I feel called to work on – my Network Marketing business, volunteering, connecting the groups in my new community like Pee Dee Business and Professional Women Network and MINGLE, a book and still having time to travel – that is super important to me.

Lisa Nichols tells the story of putting the phrase “Funding my future” in the memo line of the checks – doing what she had to do until she could do what she wanted to do. So I’m going back to employment until I can do what I want to do.

Still grateful.

If I had to do it over again, would I have quit my “cushy” job? Without hesitation, YES! I would have still jumped off that proverbial cliff. You see, I have learned that it’s not about the destination because even after you get to where you want, life doesn’t end. Most high achievers, at what can be considered the point of ‘achievement’ already have new goals they are working on. They’ve learned that it’s all about the journey. This employment is part of my journey; a way to fund my future and I am grateful and thankful for all the lessons I’ve learned along the way and all the new adventures to come along my path.

So what do you think?

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