It starts here


Welcome!! to all my chocolate folks that have made the trip over to here with me. I’m so glad you stuck around because this ride is about to get very interesting.

So I’ve decided to document my journey with my new Network Marketing company. I felt the need for a location independent business and this was almost dropped into my lap. This business, like life, is not without it’s challenges. The glamorous photos are not all there is. Yes, I’m guilty of sharing those. However, it’s in the daily work where the leaders are made and so, here is the beginning of my journey.

I know that where I am now, many successful Network Marketers have been here. Ground zero. Being in this place is uncomfortable. This is causing me to pop my comfort zone bubble. In the past two days, I’ve reached out to people I’ve thought to reach out to since I started. Does it have to take being between a rock and a hard place for action? For me, I guess so. I’ve never felt the urgency like I do now. The challenge going forward to to still approach this from a place of abundance because I know that approaching it from a place of scarcity and fear will not bring the results I’m looking for. I am learning to be abundant in this space.

You see, this has been done before so the possibility exists. I’m holding to that, I’m holding to God and I’m holding to love.

I’m ready! Let’s wake up and live!!!

So what do you think?

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