Set The Tone For Your Life #EnjoyingBeing

How much can you determine how your life goes?

I had gotten one of those Juror summons in my mail box which lead to the lesson I’m about to share with you.

I showed up about 8AM for my jury duty call and stood outside the Hudson county court house and after waiting in line for about 20 minutes, I’d finally wound my way through the que and the airport-like security and after another 10 minutes of waiting for the elevator, I was upstairs and checking in for my day of long sitting.

The Jury Manager then come out and started that morning off by addressing the entire room of summoned Jurors…and employees. She stated why everyone was there – Jurors and employees. She gave an idea of what we were to expected as part of the process and what was expected from each person. She asked for cooperation from everyone… to help make the day more enjoyable all around and even hinted at us getting out early if folks followed instructions. She let them know they had the power to make the day as good or as bad as they wanted, wished everyone a good day and left . All I could do, was sit there in awe and smile at what she had just done. She had set the tone for the day and the best part was that she did it in a firm, yet kind voice; and I had a feeling it was going to be good day.

You (you can point to yourself) set the tone – in every aspect of your life including you business. Yes, things will go wrong, people will be angry and not like what you do. You may even say – I can’t change people’s attitude…Oh, but you can. It’s not 100% of the time, but you can. Ever notice when you smile at someone, even if they have a super serious face on, the side of their mouth start to curl upwards?

That is just one reason personal dev is a huge part of NM. It’s helps YOU set the tone for YOUR life. Because if you don’t, you leave yourself open to someone else setting that tone for you. I personally don’t want to live that way and I hope you don’t either.
Make a decision that you are going to set the tone for your day and in turn set the tone for your life.

And if this is something you need help with, please reach out to me.

– – – – – –

This is the first in my SoundCloud series – Inspiration to #EnjoyingBeing In Three Minutes Or Less.

Personal development is super important to a Network Marketing business and so it’s something I do everyday. That usually leads to moments of clarity and some great ideas that I know will help someone by me sharing. I also know that with everything we’re bombarded with each day, sharing information in small bites is a smart way to share. Thus, this project was born. You can follow my SoundCloud here.

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